Bradford on Film

The Yorkshire Film Archive are working in partnership with Bradford Cathedral to bring you a fantastic new event as part of the Cathedral’s centenary celebrations. Whether you are a born and bred Bradfordian, or a newcomer to this great city, then don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the ‘Bradford on Film’ archive screening at Bradford Cathedral on Friday 4th October 2019.

Do something special for Durham!

Held within the North East Film Archive's vaults are over 600 films - more than a quarter of a million feet of film - comprising the heart and soul of Durham during the 20th century.

We're asking for your support to raise £5,000 to help preserve and share Durham's film heritage. The collection reveals an extraordinary record of our times, from the changes in industry to the evolving landscape and architecture of the city. Holidays to home life, schooldays to local events. Community occasions such as the miners' galas, popular jazz bands, local crafts and traditions - all captured on film, all building into a compelling visual legacy of the city.

Exploring 100 years of women on film

What reactions do you get when you show young millennials, who didn’t grow up with feminist issues at the forefront of their family life, a selection of films that depict women’s lives over the last 100 years?  Bethany, Zoe and Freya, second year history students at York St John University, recently completed placements with YFA, working on our ‘What About the Women?’ project.  Find out what they thought about the films that they explored.

All is Groovy

In her first blog post our fabulous volunteer Jenna has scoured the archives for films showing mid-century youth fads and fashions. This first instalment explores the baby boomers of the post-war years and their coming of age in the early 1960s, embracing everything from beehives to bouffants and kinky boots to Italian suits.

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Archive Picks


Part of the Fastline Collection, this film shows the lines at Church Fenton North Junction going into the sidings being removed and remodelled over several successive Sundays in September, October, and November 1948.

Intertitle – Improvements effected:
1 simplified layout

Film ID: 5619 Year: 1948