All is Groovy

In her first blog post our fabulous volunteer Jenna has scoured the archives for films showing mid-century youth fads and fashions. This first instalment explores the baby boomers of the post-war years and their coming of age in the early 1960s, embracing everything from beehives to bouffants and kinky boots to Italian suits.

Star-Struck with Sting

It’s not every day you get to meet your heroes. But decades ago, a star-struck schoolgirl from Stockton, fast tracked as a 16 year old co-presenter on the new Tyne Tees TV children’s programme Sunday Sundae, did just that. Find out what happened when, decades later, North East Film Archive rediscovered an early 80s interview with pop star Sting in their collections.

What About the Women?

Moving images of women’s lives over the past 100 years from the Yorkshire/North East Film Archive.

This new programme is supported by the BFI Film Audience Network as part of Changing Times: Women's Histories, a nationwide season celebrating women within the UK's screen heritage collections.  'What About the Women?' features a series of events and screenings based entirely on archive footage drawn from our collections.  

Help us to preserve York's film heritage

Do something special for York!

YFA are asking for your help to support us in a very special campaign to preserve the rich film heritage of the city, and create a permanent legacy for everyone to see and enjoy, far into the future.

Newcastle on Film - now available on DVD!

There’s nowhere on earth quite like Newcastle - and now, thanks to overwhelming demand, you can enjoy the moving story of the city as captured on film over the past 100 years, with our astonishing new DVD revealing ‘Newcastle on Film’.

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Archive Picks


This amateur colour film focuses on V. E. Day street party celebrations in Gateshead on the 8th & 9th May 1945, to mark the end of World War Two, and the Thanksgiving Day celebrations and parade through Saltwell Park on the 15th May. It was filmed by off duty police officer John W. McHugh,...

Film ID: 12585 Year: 1945