Sue Howard

Director: YFA and NEFA

Sue has been Director of the YFA since 1995 and is responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of the YFA, developing funding streams for new initiatives to create more varied access to the YFA collections. Sue has always been committed to showing local footage top local audiences and still presents many of YFA’s community film shows. She is currently developing specialist use of the collections in partnership with health care professionals for work with people experiencing memory loss, dementia, anxiety and other age related difficulties. “It's been a great journey watching the YFA grow from a tiny collection of films, and hardly any staff or resources, into the organisation it is today. We've got purpose built premises, great people with a wide range of expertise, and fantastic collections!"

Favourite Film

"It's hard to say what my favourite films would be, it changes every time we see a new collection, but T'Batley Faust would have to be in the top five, and so would a recently acquired collection showing Spa treatments in Harrogate in the 1930s - amazing!”