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YFA 2138



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This film captures two walks taken by the Rothwell Footpath Group in Yorkshire in 1979, one in winter and one in summer.

Title: ‘Walks with Rothwell Footpath Group – 1979’

The film starts with a long line of walkers who make their way across some fields on a bright summer’s day. 

In the next scene, the season has changed to winter, and a group of walkers meet in the Bluebell Wood car park which is satiated next to a river and a bridge.  Here, there are numerous models of cars are parked including Minis, Allegros, and VW camper vans.  Many of them have kayaks on their roof racks. 

A large group of ramblers walk along by the river where there is still some snow on the ground.  They cross a suspension footbridge, with snowdrops on the other side.  They are all wearing rambling clothes with rucksacks and hats.  On top of a hill, a boy poses on some snow, and the group stop to have a picnic.  They then continue along a path covered in snow with dry stone walls on either side.  They make their by some cottages before going on over a sty and down a deep incline towards a village, stopping at a farm on the way to have some refreshment.  They continue across fields bordered by dry stone walls.

Summer again, and a group walk across a field and across a footbridge over a major road.  They continue down to the side of a river where they stop for a rest and refreshment.  After which, they pass through a farm with a field of horses, past a colliery and alongside a canal with a lifting bridge.  They walk towards Spacey Houses Hotel and through a church graveyard before going through a field of cows and then through a wood and onto Crimple House.  Crimple Viaduct can be seen in the distance. 

They carry on along a footpath through a wood and follow a sign for Follifoot.  They bypass James’ Church and graveyard, before arriving at the Rudding Gate, the stocks, and the Lascelles Arms at Follifoot, Harrogate. They continue through a field of corn, and across more fields with cows and people on horseback. The film ends with the walkers continuing along a footpath.