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YFA 1545



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This film documents a cricket test match in 1952 between the England and India teams. The film is taken from the field level and gets quite close to the action.

The film opens with a title - Headingley June 1952 Test Match ENGLAND V INDIA

This title is followed by a handwritten score card before footage of the match begins. The India team players are the first to enter onto the field. They proceed through a line of fans who cheer them on as they take their positions to play. A dog is let loose and runs around the field temporarily delaying the game before the England players come on and off the field to bat. They too walk through the line of fans who cheer them on. A policeman is present holding some of them back to make sure the pathway is clear.

There is a huge crowd of spectators, and all the seats in the stadium are full. There are also spectators on folding chairs lined up very close to the edge of the playing field. The India team comes off to take their turn to bat. Reporters can be seen in the press booth along with television cameras filming the event. Additionally, a BBC cameraman is situated on a balcony filming the action from another angle. The filmmaker captures more action on the playing field as well as what appear to be the managers sitting in box seats at the top of the stands. More members of the team come on and off to bat, and the handwritten scorecard reads 334 total England.

India is now up to bat, and batters come on and off the field in turn. There are more shots of the stands which are completely full. At the end of India's turn batting, the total is 165.

During a brief intermission, a man in a flat rolling tractor flattens the ground near the pitch before the teams take their positions on the field again. When the teams come back out onto the field, a few stills cameramen can be seen near the entrance. England is up to bat again, and the filmmaker captures more of the game. The film ends with a shot of the handwritten scorecard which reads England 3 Wickets 128.