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YFA 4729



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This film, made by amateur filmmaker Fred Brackenbury, is from the Nowell collection and shows three children being given a big bundle of fireworks on Bonfire Night. There are shots of them looking through their collection and then bringing it outside and lighting some of them.

Title-A date to remember

A woman walks into the sitting room, turns on the light and arranges some of the flowers in the vase. Her son and two daughters are sitting at the dining table; her son is doing his homework and the two girls are reading comics. There is a shot of the boy's copy book and workbook titled `A test a week mental arithmetics' (sic)

Their father comes in the door and places a large package and some loose fireworks in front of the boy. He happily puts his books away and begins to open the package, which contains fireworks of every shape and type. The girls come over and smile with delight as the boy takes out the various items. Their mother comes over to have a look and the girls each take a sparkler and light them on the fire.

The boy puts everything neatly on a tray and then the mother helps them to put on their hats and coats so that they can go outside. They wave the sparklers around in the dark and then there is a shot of a large bonfire.

There is a sequence of shots of the large sparklers and fireworks lit and then of a lit up sign which reads `Good Night'.