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NEFA 21791



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A short animated advertisement based around the 1975 Fenwick's Christmas window of ‘Aladdin’ in which a genie of the lamp tells Aladdin what is happening at Fenwick Newcastle at Christmas.

Title: Fenwick of Newcastle Christmas Magic

The title magically disappears and is replaced by a young boy ‘Aladdin’ dressed in red and wearing an Asian conical hat. In his right-hand he holds a metal kerosene lamp.

Aladdin takes out a handkerchief and rubs the lamp out of which appears a male genie. Only the top-half can be seen wearing a turban and gold ear-rings. The genie grows in size and fill the screening. He opens his mouth and Aladdin is sucked inside.

The film cuts to show a long passageway with various toys lining both sides. Aladdin appears and looks around in awe.

The genie appears holding a Christmas turkey, a Christmas pudding, a Christmas Cake, a milkshake and tart referring to the five restaurants in the store. Aladdin, still holding the lamp licks his lips.

In his arms, the genie holds a bundle of toys including a train, a bear, a doll and an Action Man. From the funnel of the train, a smaller genie appears who waves at the larger one.

The film cuts back to Aladdin still holding the lamp. Smoke appears from the lamp which forms the closing title:

Title: Fenwick is Magic for Christmas