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NEFA 19264



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This wedding of Elizabeth Anne Webster and Norman Kincaid, held at St Gabriel's Church, Heaton, Newcastle, in 1954 was filmed professionally by Turners of Newcastle. The film was made as a demonstration film, likely for showing at Turners' camera shop on Pink Lane in Newcastle, to show off the company's filmmaking skills to potential clients.

The opening shot is of an invitation from Mr and Mrs F.S. Webster to the marriage of their daughter Elizabeth Anne to Mr Norman Kincaid at St Gabriel's Church, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. General views of the church exterior follows.

The groom, his father and the best man wait with the vicar in the covered porch of St Gabriel's Church. The three pose for a Turners' photographer outside the church. Three other family members pose for the camera.

The vicar adjusts the carpet outside the church as he awaits the arrival of the bride. The wedding car arrives and two bridesmaids in pink dresses with bouquets emerge. They pose for the camera, smiling. A portrait shot at the entrance to the church follows, the two delightfully chatting and laughing.

A crowd are gathered outside the church ground as the bride's car arrives. The bride, all in white, her veil blowing in the wind, poses with her father. The photographer poses her at the entrance to the church lobby with her father. Two other men in formal tailcoats try to assist as the veil blows across her face. Portrait shot of the father and bride, still struggling with the veil as she poses for photographs. They turn and enter the church.

The black Rolls Royce wedding cars are parked outside the church, decorated in white ribbons. Close-ups of the Rolls Royce mascot follow. Brief shot of a small crowd outside that have turned up to see the wedding. Brief shot of the church tower. Close-up of the Order of Service.

The old vicar leaves the church. The bride and groom emerge from the church into the sunlight followed by best man, bridesmaid and close family. The rest of the guests leave the church, passing quite close to the camera. Some smile at the cameraman. There's a colourful selection of outfits and hats.

The bride and groom are posed for photographs. There are nice close-ups of the bride smiling, and one of her bouquet. The family and guests are gathered informally, the camera tripod glimpsed in one shot. various shots follow of the bride, groom, bridesmaids and close family being posed for a group shot outside the church lobby. The photographer's hand holding the cable release is filmed in shot. The group pose follows. Various shots follow of the close family guests gathered in small groups, and the photographer posing the wedding party for different shots. The group sharing a joke. There are close-ups of the bridesmaids, bride and bouquets, and a group shot of the three.

The bride and groom leave the church after the photographic session. Guests throw confetti, or rice, as they stand by the wedding car. The car drives off, the bride glimpsed at the window.

The film ends with the family and guests continue to mingle outside the church. Another Rolls Royce car drives off.

Credit: Photographed in colour by Turners (Photography) Ltd. Newcastle, 1