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NEFA 21078



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An amateur film by J.H. Lawson that shows the victory parade of the Newcastle United football team as they return to Newcastle with the FA Cup after beating Blackpool. The team were greeted by ecstatic fans outside Central Station in 1951. This film also shows the team's homecoming after winning the FA Cup in 1952.

The film opens with a close-up of the clock above the portico of Newcastle Central Station, which reads 5.30pm. Crowds gather either side of the slip road which leads into the portico, waiting in eager anticipation for their triumphant team to arrive. A shot looking east along Neville Street shows the extent of the gathering throng, now bathed in sunshine.

The film cuts back to the clock now showing the time of quarter to six. The crowds are increasing, but the camera focuses on one particular individual who may be just a fan or perhaps a team mascot, as he is dressed in top hat, tails and an umbrella fashioned from black and white striped material, the team colours of Newcastle United. He walks along the slip road past the crowd towards the portico entrance. Posters in the background advertise rail services, special ticket prices and excursions.

A close-up follows of two uniformed men [possibly senior officials] walking east along Neville Street between the rows of fans, followed by a shot of the same men walking back.

A lone photographer makes his way along the ledge in front of the station clock, which now says six o'clock. Next, more shots of the crowd, now taking up almost all of the pavement either side of Neville Street. Another high angle shot takes in the crowd immediately below a balcony at the County Hotel opposite the station, from where the film is being shot. More general views of crowds, and then of a group of St John's Ambulance men gathered together in the road a little way from the County Hotel. 

Newcastle yellow and white trolley buses deposit another load of Newcastle fans at the station portico. General views follow of the gathering crowds outside the station.

There's another shot of the station clock. A man in the crowd photographs the filmmaker above. Some others in the crowd look up, curious to see what the man is shooting.

More general views follow of the crowd and those gathering around the arches of the station portico, hoping for a closer view of the team coach. A brief view west along Neville Street, then back to the crowds at the station portico where the crowds try to rush forward to get a better view of the convoy as it finally leaves the portico. The open top coach emerges from the portico, and moves slowly past the station cafe, the team clearly seen as they wave to the crowd, the FA Cup held high for the fans. The  coach, followed by another, heads east down Neville Street away from the station. The crowd move forward eager to try and follow. The team coach advertises 'Tyne, Thames, Tees, Service'. The crowd spills right across Neville Street behind the coaches. General views show the crowd milling about in some confusion. Some of the fans start to disperse heading west up Neville Street.

[Brief blank section.]

A close-up shot from an upper floor or balcony of the County Hotel shows  the eastern entrance of the Central Station portico. Crowds gather on a dull and rainy day to welcome back Newcastle United after another triumphant FA Cup win in 1952. A view west along Neville Street shows a comparatively deserted section of the road. General views of the crowds follow.

The film cuts to a shot of the station clock at 5.30pm. The crowd rush to get a better view near the portico as the team emerge, riding in their open top coach holding their prize, the FA Cup. The coach slowly drives past the station cafe. Hoardings nearby advertise excursions and special ticket prices. The convoy travels slowly east along Neville Street. The next shot shows the crowds milling below the balcony at the County Hotel.

The film ends with brief shots of the Lawson family on the balcony, a young Chris Lawson wearing a hat in Newcastle United colours. Other figures on the balcony are presumably family members and friends.