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NEFA 12617



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Local topical film made by The North of England Film Bureau showing highlights from a packed Tyne and Wear football derby F.A. Cup Fourth Round replay at St James Park, Newcastle, on 17 March 1913.

Title: The Fourth Round Cup Tie. Newcastle United versus Sunderland. Replay at Newcastle, 17th March 1913.

Both teams enter the field from separate tunnels; two children accompany the Sunderland team. In the centre circle both captains meet and shake hands. A coin toss is made by the referee; he then shakes hands with both captains.

Sunderland are on the attack in the Newcastle half. The ball goes out of play for a throw in. View of large stands filled with fans behind the goal.

View of the goal with the ball hitting the net twice. The goal keeper picks up the ball twice from the back of the net.

Various shots of the game in progress follow.

Edgy moment for Sunderland players who slide into the goal to stop the ball. Huge amount of fans in attendance. Fans are waving their caps in the air.

Newcastle clears the ball after a Sunderland attack, and the ball then goes out for a goal kick. Corner kick for Sunderland where the ball is kicked into play and is headed clear. The ball is played back into the goal area and Newcastle clears again. Another corner kick to Sunderland which is cleared by a Newcastle player.

The referee speaks to two players and one is seen hobbling away.

Various shots of Sunderland attacking in the Newcastle half. A man with an umbrella speaks to the goalkeeper. Sunderland throw in.

Newcastle throw in and are intercepted by Sunderland.

Sunderland corner kick, which is cleared. The ball is headed back in and a shot is made on goal.

Sunderland corner kick knocked wide.

Corner kick, camera by the near post. The keeper punches the ball away. Crowd in the stands.

Player and keeper on the ground by goal. The referee comes over to check on both players.