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The do’s and don’ts of pet care explained by a cute cartoon puppy dog created by celebrated South Shields animator Sheila Graber.

Title: Best Friends (titles over puppy dog sequence)

Title: Best Friends (over girl sequence)

Title: Best Friends (titles over girl and puppy dog sequence)

A dog licks its puppies, curled up in a basket. One little puppy tumbles out of the basket. The puppy gambols away from the basket.

Title: I Dog (with puppy resting on lettering)

The puppy dog sniffs it’s away along the ground up to the feet of its new girl owner. The girl picks up the puppy, which licks her face affectionately.

In the kitchen, the puppy sits on a newspaper on the floor, which changes into a box with a blanket. The puppy dog is fed a bone. The girl turns on the central heating next to the basket and the dog snuggles down to sleep.  The dog dreams of a long line of pampered dog breeds on cushions with bowls of food appropriate to the breed of dog, chow mein for the Pekinese, a Daschund with a frankfurter. The leg of a giant dog lies in the basket of a cat at the end of the line pinned with a first class award rosette, a little puppy merging into the image of a sheep dog in a field, wagging his tail at a flock of sheep walking by. In the dream the puppy is led by the girl in a harness on the street to a pavement kerb, and imagines a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

On waking, the puppy is fed a bowl of food by the girl. After eating the food it slurps water from the bowl. The puppy suddenly feels the need to pee and rushes to the door and scratches to go out.  Failing to get out in time, the puppy pees on the floor. The girl looks down disappointed. The puppy looks sheepish, wags its tail and looks up.

Outside, the girl takes the puppy for a walk. The puppy pees next to a tree on a street, and is petted by the girl.

Blurring into a scene in a field, the puppy dog with a stick in its mouth is petted by the girl.

Back at home, the puppy is washed in a bowl by its girl owner, shakes itself and gambols off with a brush in its mouth, chased playfully by the girl owner. Leaning up against the glass door in front of its owner, the dog barks greetings. The girl opens the door to a neighbour and his pet dog.

Next, the puppy dog is held by the girl, and then snuggles into the basket with a ball. 

Credit: Song ‘Best friends’ Words Pierre D’Heaume

Credit: Song ‘Best Friends’ Words Alec Costandinos

Credit: Song ‘Best Friends’ Music Carlos Leresche

Credit: Animated & Directed by Sheila Graber

Credit: Executive Producer Nicole Jouve

Credit: Produced by Marble Arch Films and Interama

Credit: Logos

Credit: ©Interama / marble arch films 1983