What About the Women?

Today is International Women’s Day: the perfect opportunity for Yorkshire/North East Film Archive to launch its new ‘What About the Women?’ programme – a series of events and screenings based entirely on archive footage drawn from our collections.  

Be astonished, mesmerized, entertained or enraged by footage that reflects how women have been portrayed on film – by chance or design – in our archive collections.  These are not feature films; they are regional collections of non-fiction material, from local advertising companies, cine clubs, amateur and professional collections which all reflect life across Yorkshire and the North East over the past one hundred years. 

For the most part, the films are not about women per se, yet still they reflect how women have been represented on screen over the decades – sometimes powerfully, but often slipping into the stereotypical clichés of the times.  

The project is supported by the BFI Film Audience Network as part of Changing Times: Women's Histories, a nationwide season celebrating women within the UK's screen heritage collections.

The programme will include a new 5 minute version of Born a Rebel, a short film produced as a North East, North West and Yorkshire Film Archive collaboration to uncover stories of women’s representation from within their screen heritage collections, and inspired by the original 15 minute Born a Rebel production commissioned by Cinema For All as part of the Vote 100 programme, supported by the Women’s Centenary Grants Fund.

If you are interested in finding out more about booking a screening or event, do get in touch with us, and watch out for more ‘What About the Women?’ material across our website and social media in the weeks ahead.