Take part in our Conservation Conversations

Conservation Conversations is a new short film using archive footage from our Yorkshire and North East collections. The subjects in these films capture and reveal the shifting concerns over the decades about issues which radically impact on our environment: changes to the landscape and natural habitat, urban development, the nuclear threat – conflict and energy – waterways, waste management, the campaigns people believed in passionately, alongside recent footage of alternative quests to build more sustainable lifestyles.

The environment is one of the major issues of our time and is a subject that provokes debate and action across all generations. Our job at the Archive is to protect, preserve, and create access to how these issues have been documented over time – and collect and conserve contemporary footage to continue to build a collection that reflects a range of perspectives of people today.

Your views can help us to do this. Please watch the film, then go to https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/ConservationConversations/ to contribute to the conversation and tell us your thoughts.

Conservation Conversations is funded by Film Hub North as part of the Changing Times four-year nationwide programme of screen heritage screenings and events delivered by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN).

If you're interested in seeing more, here are a selection of YFA and NEFA films that were used as part of Conservation Conversations:


This film shows the first few years of a new concept in British agriculture – co-operative farming.  Three farmers from the Rotherham area have integrated their farms into the Thrybergh Farming Company.  The film includes footage of those three farms as well as the various livestock they look after and the many crops which they plant and harvest.


A film produced by Turners Film & Video Productions for Tyne & Wear County Council, looking at the different types of domestic and commercial waste produced in the city of Newcastle, and how recycling can recover valuable materials from waste at the new Byker Reclamation Plant.


This is a Yorkshire Television documentary that investigates the conflict between environmentalists and limestone and gritstone companies quarrying in the Yorkshire and Derbyshire National Parks.  It is presented by comedian, folk singer and environmentalist Mike Harding and includes interviews with interested parties for and against the quarrying.  


This film documents a CND protest at RAF Finningley, which was a Royal Air Force station near Doncaster. The protest took place on 30th July 1970 and involved both men and women demonstrating against the nuclear weapons storage facility housed at the base.