Memory Bank Themes

  • Working Life

    Get ready to clock on for work, and take a look at life on the production line for both men and women, the everyday jobs that we all take for granted like the dustbin collections, and even how our fish and chips are landed on our plate - or newspaper!

  • Schooldays

    Go back to school with a selection of films featuring playground games, PE lessions, the familiar struggles with maths and science classes, school dinners and, of course, playtime with school milk!

  • Fêtes, Fairs and Fireworks

    Relive happy memories of community carnivals, fairgrounds, Children's Day celebrations, and the anticipation of putting on warm coats on a November night and lighting up the fireworks!

  • Holidays

    Our Holidays films are full of knitted bathing costumes, families playing cricket on the beach, Butlins Redcoats, the excitement of a works outing to Blackpool, and the glorious countryside of the Yorkshire Dales.  

  • Domestic Life

    This selection of films explores daily family life with early supermarket shopping, the first days at home with a new baby, learning how to feed a whole family, family picnics, and the simple pleasures of shelling freshly picked peas from the garden.  

  • Sporting Fun

    Let these films take you back to Sports Days at school, weekend skating outings on frozen lakes, the excitement of supporting your local rugby team, a day at the races, and the muddy morass of motocross!