Megan McCooley

Moving Image Archivist: YFA

Megan joined the Archive in May, 2006 while completing her MA in Film Archiving at the University of East Anglia. As the Moving Image Archivist, Megan is responsible for the long-term care of the collections - preserving items from the past and helping to make them accessible for the future. She also works closely with donors to acquire collections as well as works on preservation, cataloguing, and digitization projects such as Unlocking Film Heritage.

Favourite Film

“One of the best parts of my job is getting to look at nearly every film that comes into the Archive, but that makes it difficult to pick just one as a favourite. The National Hairdressing Competition, Alexandra Hall (1963), has to be up there as well as Fatman. Made by members of the Mercury Movie Makers, Fatman is an entertaining parody of Batman, the television series starring Adam West which premiered in 1966. In Esholt City, Fatman and his partner Robin must stop the infamous criminal, The Fiddler, and his gang of henchmen from stealing the priceless trophy, 'A crime so audacious that the fair city will shake to its very foundations.'"