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YFA 3826



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This film is a compilation of events which involve members of the Beighton Centre Youth Club. Included are trips to seaside, paddling in the sea & streams, Huddersfield FC, and other youth club activities.

The film opens with scenes of the seaside including young men skimming stones into the sea. Some of the youths are "testing" the temperature of the sea. The next scene takes place in the woods where some of the students are playing and investigating a hollow oak tree. This is followed by more shots of the woodland area.

The students partake in a few outdoor games including rounders before relaxing in the moorland outdoors. One of the boys plays in the waterfall and another poses playing "air guitar." (This sequence is then repeated upside down.)

Now at the Huddersfield FC, the boys are sitting in the dugout, and the crowd which has filled the stadium can also be seen.

At the Beighton Centre, the youth club members are playing and dressing up outside of the building. The final portion of the film includes the youths playing football.