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This is a film commissioned by Sheffield City Council to promote Sheffield as a place for companies to relocate to, providing an account of the advantages that can be gained by doing so.

The film begins showing busy streets in London with cars, buses and pedestrians.

Titles: Your Move Next
A film for Sheffield City Council
By Martin John Harris and David Falconer Rea
Assisted by David Alfred Bower

The film switches to a committee meeting of a company with a senior manager giving a speech on the need to plan spaces and cut costs. He proposes that they relocate to Sheffield. Another member complains that it is like "the inside of a chimney" and that "they all wear clogs". But the man persists, recounting his visit to Sheffield, praising their town planning and architecture, with the film showing the Crucible Theatre and the building behind it, and a new building going up near the corner of Paradise Square. He explains that there will be government grants and loans because they will be creating new jobs in the area, and that they will also get tax allowance. More new buildings are shown, such as Jubilee House. He explains that under the regional development scheme there is assistance with moving the workforce, with Sheffield Council having a policy of allocating housing to their personnel. He states that there is plenty of available land, at the right place, and that they will be able to organise facilities according to the company's needs; the film showing new industrial units.

He then extols the benefits of Sheffield from the point of view of communications, being centrally placed. He recounts that he has met the Sheffield Company's Development Team; whilst the film shows a welter of leaflets for different locations is shown, focusing on Mosborough and Holbrook Industrial Estate. Building work is shown being done on the Estate, and also showing residential zones. Then we see Sheffield Industrial Advisory Committee in a meeting. Someone asks about Sheffield's reputation for bad labour relations. The senior manager states that there has been only one stoppage in 30 years. Work is shown on the production line of Bassets, making liquorice Allsorts. He gives an account of the research going on in Sheffield, with examples in glass, springs and cutlery. He mentions the University and Polytechnic, and then we see the Central Library with an information desk.

The senior manager goers on to discuss the environment, stating that in 1972 Sheffield completed a 13 year clear air programme, making it the cleanest industrial city in Europe. An old computer screen shows a questionnaire from the Midland Bank between 1975 and 1979, and Alan Eastwood, the Assistant General Manager for computer operations of the bank, gives his positive views on Sheffield. There is another interview with John Cooper of the Manpower Services Commission who provides an account of the benefits in communications, education, housing, labour etc.. Staff are reassured about Sheffield as a place to live, praising the local authority for their efforts, showing pleasant suburban housing and the countryside outside of Sheffield, a beautiful village and some mountaineering. The film moves to the City centre, with view down Fargate, Cole Brothers, the 'hole-in-the-road' and the shops.

When asked about how staff have reacted to Sheffield, there is a picture of Scamps and film of the inside a pub where a traditional jazz band is playing in front of a large fireplace. People are shown playing golf and boating in a park lake. The question is posed about what help might be expected from the University, and we see Hicks, the engineering building, the Alfred Denny Building and the Arts Tower in the background with Western Bank. There is film of people walking around the City Centre, accompanied by narration extolling the qualities of the local population for staffing purposes. Two local employers being interviewed state that their staff are happy and that their business has been a success.

The Cast - D Geoff Tomlinson, Jane Southwell, Edmund Wilson, Brian Shaw, Michael Bags, Ann Kirby, Chris Mckoen, Alec Currie, John Unsworth, Russell Bradbury, David Carr-Brown, Simon Helland, Jon Brooks, Trevor Neal, Malcolm Hague, Alfred Zurbr?gg

Thanks to the Sheffield Twist Drill and Steel Co. Ltd. and Kenning Car Hire