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YFA 1528



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This film features two Young Farmers Rallies in the 1940s in North Yorkshire.  There are various agricultural competitions which take place as well as sporting events for members of the club.  Title cards for the Northallerton rally have been filmed in colour while the rest of the footage is in black and white.   

Title – Young Farmers Rally at Northallerton

There is a brief shot of a pig in a small pen.  A few people are gathered around. 

Title – Pig Judging.

The filmmaker focuses on the pigs in the pen, and there is a close-up of the farmer who wears a long white coat and has a cane resting on his shoulder. 

Title – Stone Walling Demonstration by Dales Farmers.

Three men are building a stone wall.  A few spectators are gathered around, and a tent can be seen in the background.  There is a close-up of the stone wall as the men carefully select the next stones to place for the next layer. 

Title – Salad Making Competition.

A long table has been set up, and women stand on either side of the table.  They unwrap various produce for the salad as well as dress their salad plates and bowls.

Sign – Produce Judging.

Tables have been set up inside a tent on which bread, biscuits, cakes, and pies are on display.  Outside the tent, a woman stands at a table with jars of pickled eggs on it and labelled Class 1.

Sign – Soldering & Brazing. 

Using a close-up, the filmmaker shows the process of using a blowtorch to melt a small sliver of metal.  The melted metal is then poured into lines on a board.

Title – Tractor Driving Competition.

A young man on a tractor backs the vehicle up along a course. 

Title – Fowl Trussing.

Men and women in white coats are lined up along a wooden table where they prep the fowl by removing the feathers and feet of the birds. 

Sign – Sheep Shearing.

A few boys are set up on the grass with their sheep.  They begin to sheer the sheep, and spectators who have gathered for the event can be seen as well as a row of houses in the distant background.  The boys wear overalls, and there are close-ups of the different contestants.  When they are finished, the sheep are inspected by the judge, and boys roll up the newly removed wool into bundles. 

Sign – Rabbit Show.

Title – First Prize.

The first place winner holds his rabbit up and poses for the camera.

Title – Second Prize. 

Another boy, the second place winner, holds his rabbit up and poses for the camera as well.

Title – Rabbit Skinning Competition.

Women, standing at a long table, are skinning rabbits.  They first remove the feet and then cut the skin along the underside of the rabbit.

Title – Weight Judging Competition.

A large scale has been set up on an elevated platform.  A man stands on the scale, and a group of spectators have gathered around the platform to watch.  Another man places large weights on the opposite side of the scale until it is level.  Following this are shots of some of the tents and stalls set up for the event.  There is a BOCM tent and a stall for the North Riding County Library outside of which two women stand. 

Sign – Cow Rationing Competition.

A small group of people stand outside a small white tent, looking in.  Following this is a shot of a man standing next to a pickup truck and who is leaning on a tractor wheel.  There is also footage of the Wallace Milking Machine which is on display as well as a stall for W. Pearson & Sons Bedale Agricultural Distributers.

The next par to the film features a Farmers Club Rally from 1946.

Title – North Riding Federation of Young Farmers Club
Title – The County Rally at Crathorn June 1st 1946.
Title – Welcome Visitors from County Durham A Display of Country Dancing by team from West Hartleypool Y.F.C.

Spectators are seated on wooded folding chairs which have been set up on the side-lines around the field.  A large estate house which is covered in ivy can be seen in the background.  A group of country dancers, all dressed in white, perform traditional country dancing in the middle of the field. 

Title – Some of the Sports

A structure has been set up, similar to that of a high jump, and with the aid of a pitchfork, men try to throw batches of hay over the high bar.  A group of spectators is closely gathered around to watch the event.  Following this is footage of the tug-of-war, sprint and relay races for men and women.  Most of the race footage is filmed from the finish line.