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NEFA 22123



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A home movie made by Raymond James Paiton begins with a boy on a tricycle travelling along St Julien Gardens in Newcastle followed by his mother. This is followed by boys competing in a sports day taking place at Newlands Preparatory School in Gosforth, Newcastle.

The film opens on a boy riding a tricycle along a suburban road followed by woman. They pass a street sign that reads St Julien Gardens and they continue along the road. Beside a car they approach a second woman.

The film cuts to the playing fields at Newlands Preparatory School in Gosforth where pupils compete in an egg-and-spoon race as part of a school sports day. A second egg-and-spoon race follows next. The film cuts to show young boys running along the track as part of a sprint with the winner crossing the finish line watched by crowds standing beside a building nearby. Next, a sack race with boys jumping along the track and the winner crossing the line. A man comes over and helps one of the boys to his feet. Boys run past as part of another longer distance race and the winner crossing the line.

The film cuts to show a group of people standing in an open top white sports car. The film ends on two men and a woman standing beside another car in the street.