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YFA 3119



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This is a film by Betty and Cyril Ramsden that captures a holiday to Anglesey the couple has taken with some friends.  The film’s title pertains to the fact that even though it is meant to be a summer holiday, the British weather is not something on which one can rely.  The couple were semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post. 

The film opens at the Ramsden’s garden where Cyril sits on a chair and reads the newspaper looking at adverts for holidays. He marks one out in Anglesey.

Title- It should be just the job.

Title-August 10th 1957.

A map is behind it, and a finger points to where he will go. The film then cuts to a tracking shot on a country road, and country lanes, small villages and the sea can be seen. 

There is a sign for `Pen Par' and Cyril drives through the gate and down the road to the house.  Different parts of the house can be seen. 

Title-Our fellow victims.

A car in which a couple and their two sons are seated pulls up outside the house.  Cyril greets them.  The next shots show the boys playing football and fishing for fish in a pond.  They fill a jar with small fish and hold it up to the camera.

Cyril comes out of his front door with a glass of water and holds it up to the light.  A shot of one of boy’s jar of fish is intercut to make it look like Cyril has it in his hand.  He throws the water out of his glass, walks back into the house and comes back out with a glass of bitter.

The next few shots show a map of the U.K. and Ireland and various titles over it:

Sunday Rain-Depression over Anglesey

Monday Depression deepening more rain.

Tuesday rain-gales imminent up to force 7.

Wednesday low cloud and some drizzle locally.

All of these titles are intercut with images of the weather outdoors.

There are shots of the sea.

Title-The isolated visitor a baby octopus.

A small octopus moves across rocks beside the sea.

Title-Thursday Outlook unsettled.  The capital town of the island offers distraction.

There is a sign for Llangefni.

There are shots of English and Welsh shop signs, shots of a busy market, a traffic policeman and local people.

Title-Friday cloudy, bright periods.

Sign for Red Wharf 2M.

The next piece of footage is of people on a beach, getting water out of a small sailing boat and dragging another one out of the water.

Title-Further outlook more settled fine periods.   Moelfre our favourite bay.

A man sits sketching the harbour and the sea is full of swimmers, and small row boats.

Two boys and their mother dive from rocks into the sea.  They swim back to their belongings and change out of their swimming costumes underneath a cape.

Title-Visibility good the `promised view’ (see advt.) at last!

Title-August 24th 1957 and so (to coin a phrase) we leave this island paradise…

Cyril’s car drives along roads and ends up in his driveway.  He carries suitcases up to the house and goes inside.

Title-Future Outlook settled!

Title-The End.