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YFA 3135



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This is a holiday film which records a journey through France, documenting many of its beautiful countryside and architecture.  The film was made by Betty and Cyril Ramsden, semi-professional filmmakers filming both for pleasure and taking on commissions from companies such as the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Title-A Ramsden Film

Title- You Can’t take it With You

The film opens with a map showing Lympne in the south tip of England and Le Touquet in the North of France.  The next shot is of Cyril and another couple walking into a building with a sign for Silver City Air Ferries.  There is a shot of an airfield and airplanes with Silver City on the sides.

Cyril’s car is driven onto the plane, and they board the plane by some steps.  There are shots of the ground from the air and shots of the sea.

The map shows the route from Lympne in Kent to Le Touquet in northern France.

The plane can be seen taxiing as it arrives in the French airport.

Title-Le Touquet-a Phoenix arising from the ashes of war…

There are shots of the city streets and the grand buildings, some of which have been damaged by bombs.  Some young boys drive a cart down the road, and there are large houses beside the beach.

Cyril’s car drives down an empty road with green fields on either side.

The map shows the route from Le Touquet to Abbeville to Rouen and to Chartres.

The scene opens with a road sign for Chartres.

Two women walk past the cathedral carrying baskets on their heads, and some other women dressed in traditional costume sell lace at the cathedral walls.

The map shows the routes from Chartres to Blois.

The town is visible from the opposite side of a river and a long stone bridge leads into the town.  There are shots of the houses and the streets and of the bride.  There is a shot of a statue of Cardinal Jeanne Lorraine.  This is followed by views of a busy town with traffic, a traffic warden, tandem cyclists and locals.

Cyril and Betty and the other couple sit at a pavement café and drink coffee.

A woman carries her young son on the back of her bicycle, a monk in a brown habit walks past and a black poodle is down the street.

Title-Providing for the Daily Picnic.

Betty and the others look in the window of a bakery.  They exit a few moments later with purchases.  They look at a fruit and vegetable stall and buy some items.  Later, they set up a picnic on a grassy verge and once they finish eating, they tidy it all up and drive off.

Title-Chateaux of the Loire.

Title-Designed by confectioners? Chambord.

Shots of Chateau Chambord and its grounds.

Title-The Most Impressive..Chenonceaux.

A group of women gather outside of a building, possibly a bank, as Betty leaves the building with a bundle of money.  Crowds walk up a tree-lined avenue to Château de Chenonceau.  People are wandering around its grounds, and there is a reflection of the chateau in the river.

Title-Thirsty Work this Chateaux-ing.

Two couples are outside a café drinking coffee and beer.

Title-Over 90 degrees in the shade.

The two couples look into a shop window and point at some hats.  A moment later they come out of the shop with bags. 

There is a sign which reads `A L’escargot D’or.

A waitress brings a pot of coffee to Betty, Cyril and the other couple as they sit under a sun umbrella.  There is a brief shot of a bent over, old lady in black clothing with a walking stick.  Another woman fits packages into the baskets on her bicycle.

The map shows the route from Blois to Levroux.

Betty and Cyril can both be seen working on a camera as they film people on a street.  This is followed by a shot of Cyril outside Hotel de la Cloche.  The map shows the route from Levroux to Gargilesse.

Title-Completely off the tourist track.

In a small village, people go about their daily business.  There is pottery for sale outside, and there are horses and carts going along the streets.  Some men help to shoe a horse while women sit against a wall while they are plucking some birds.

The map shows the route from Gargilesse to Eguzon.

Cyril is talking to a woman outside of Hotel de France, he beckons them over.

Title-A new hydro-electric power and transformer plant is EGUZON’S claim to fame.

There are shots of the different areas of this plant; the transformers, the lake and the pylons.

Title-And yet old customs survive.

This is followed by shots of two cows pulling a cart around a field with hay.

The map shows the route from Eguzon to Herisson.

The ruins of a castle are visible on a hill behind the town.  There are shots of the people in the streets and shots of some buildings reflected in the lake.

Title-Never a dull moment.

This is followed by an old woman in black clothes, carrying a black umbrella bringing sheep down a road.  A young farmer guides cows with carts around a field.  The next shot shows Betty, Cyril and the others having a drink in a field with the farmers.

The map shows the route from Herisson to Estivareilles.

The two couples have lunch outside a hotel.

The map shows the route from Estivareilles to Semur.

There are shots of a castle, the town streets and the bridge that leads into the town centre.

Title-15 kilometers to Les Laumes and an excellent hotel.

The map shows the route from Semur to Les Laumes.

The couples are sitting outside of a hotel and they pay for their meals.  The next shot is of the car waiting to cross a railway crossing and then shots taken from the car window as they drive on.

The map shows the route from Les Laumes to Joinville.

Title-The flat country in this region encourages transport by canal.

A barge sails along a canal and comes to a gate.  It has to wait as the gate keeper opens it so that the canal can pass through.

The map shows the route from Joinville to Reims.

There is a large champagne bottle on the street outside of a shop.  Also visible are the town streets, people and buildings.

The map shows the route to Le Touquet.

Title-Last lap to Le Touquet and home.

At the airport, the two couples board the plane as their car is driven into the hold.  This is followed by footage taken from the plane and then of the plane landing and they disembark.

Title-The End.