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YFA 4212



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This film contains footage of the Magnet Gold Cup at York in 1963. It starts with some footage of York and continues on to show the horse race and the winning horses parading around the winner's circle afterwards.

Title-John Smith of Tadcaster presents

Title-Yorkshire's Magnet Gold Cup 1963

Title-Directed by Fred G. Dewhirst

Title-Sound by M. S. Wilson

Title-Commentator: Stuart Hall

Title-Produced by C. H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd.

The film opens with shots of York city, the walls and some of the gates; there are shots taken from different parts of the city.

The voice over says that usually the city would be full of people but because the York Races are on the city is empty.

There is a shot of the York Races at Knavesmire; there are crowds of people all around. There are nicer facilities and information points for the visitors to enjoy. People sit on benches reading papers and walking around talking.

The stable lads lead the horses onto the track and as they do so, the voice over give a bit of information about each one.

The horses are paraded around the paddock and there are shots of men checking out the forms. The owners and jockeys are gathered in the paddock and then there is a shot taken from the air of the entire race track and the crowds.

The race starts and there is a commentary throughout. As the race nears the finish line the crowd starts to cheer loudly and then the commentator announces the winning horse.

Shots of the horses and jockeys being led off the race track and into the winner's circle. The voice over comments on the winners and their owners and there are some shots of them. The gold cup is presented to the winning owner and he kisses his wife.

In the next scene some horse boxes leave the track and make their way home across the country roads. The winner's horse box arrives back at the stables and the horse is unloaded and brought into the horse box.

The last shot is of the sign on the stable door which reads `Magnet for me!'

Title-Produced by C. H. Wood (Bradford) Ltd for John Smith of Tadcaster.