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YFA 4837



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This film documents a visit of the Princess Royal to Leeds Civic Hall in 1942. She has come to inspect the Girl Guides and release pigeons with both her personal message and a message from the County.

Title - Yorkshire West Riding North Our President, H.R.H. The Princess Royal, arrives at the Civic Hall, Leeds, and is welcomed by the County Commissioner, Lady Ingilby, The Lord Mayor of Leeds (Miss Kitson) and Lady Mayoress.

The film begins with the arrival of the Princess Royal. She greets the local dignitaries present and makes her may up the steps of the Civic Hall. There is a Girl Guide holding a flag who also stands on the steps, and a large crowd is gathered around the Hall.

Title - A Guide explains the ceremony.

Standing at a microphone, one of the Girl Guides makes a speech from the steps of the Civic Hall. The Princess Royal stands by her side.

Title - The Princess releases the pigeons bearing her message and one from the county.

Standing at a microphone, the Princess Royal reads out her message to the crowd. She then releases two pigeons which are handed to her by a man dressed in possibly a scouting uniform. One of the other women makes a speech at the microphone, and more pigeons are released. At the bottom of the steps, two boy scouts play drums, and the Princess Royal stands at attention.

Title - The Princess then inspects the guides.

The Princess Royal is first seen speaking to the young girl who made the opening speech. She then walks along the crowd occasionally stopping to speak to some of the girls. Most are dressed in overcoats, and the film ends with this inspection.