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YFA 2227



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This film is a promotional film for Yorkshire Plumbing Products, a major manufacturer of plumbing products which was based in Rothwell. The film documents in detail the types of pipes and joins required for various plumbing needs highlighting the reliability of Yorkshire products. It is a well-made technical film with some humour.

Title - The "Yorkshire Way"
Title - Direction William Hammond
Photography Norman Johnson
Editing Michel Boyd
Commentary Geoffrey Sumner
Produced by William Weedon
RCA Sound System
Title - A British Films Production

The film starts with a stop frame "plumbing" animation. Sinks and pipes are "magically" constructed and put together, and there is a humorous musical soundtrack to accompany this scene.

At Hayes School in Middlesex, there is footage of the school being built and fitted with "Yorkshire" fittings. The commentary explains all the material was made in Yorkshire including the copper tubs that are used to run water from the boiler house. There are different types of fittings being used, all of which are said to be known for their reliability and appearance. Special aspects of the fittings include placement of the solder metals.

A workman demonstrates how to properly make a join using the special Yorkshire fittings. He uses steel wool to clean the ends of the pipes, Flux for lubrication, and heat from a blowtorch to seal the join.

In a lab, technicians use testing equipment to apply pressure to the pipe joints in order to tech their durability. The pipe breaks before the joint shows any sign of damage.

Following this, a workman demonstrates how to fix a joint and how to make alterations. He uses an example of adding an extra sink in the school, explaining the difference between a standard join and a T join. Because the pipes and walls have been painted, the workman uses an asbestos pad to protect the paint.

In the boiler house, a workman demonstrates a special jig used to make a fitting. Following this are examples of how to bend the copper piping used in the construction of home and other buildings to supply heat.

The new Technical College is used to investigate space heating. Workmen lay piping along the floor which will then be covered with concrete in order to act as an insulator.

Yorkshire products are also an important part of the agricultural industry. Two men demonstrate the mole plough method which is used to run piping across fields. A man lays the tubing and fits the end of each coil with a joint. Using a caterpillar tractor, the piping is pulled across the field. The blade from the tractor slices the ground, running the pipes through the field 2 ? feet below ground. The pipes are then connected to the mains, and the commentary points out that all the pipes are made from metals which are safe to use underground as well as that the Yorkshire Way is the way to higher standards of efficiency.

Title - Facilities were kindly granted by The School The Middlesex County Council Nye and Langston Ltd.
The Gas Installation The Borough of Morley Housing Department The North Eastern Gas Board space Heating The Hertfordshire Country Council
Architects: Easton & Robertson
Consulting Engineers: Edward A. Pearce and Partner
Heating Engineers: G.N. Haden and Sons, Ltd.
Mole Ploughing Landowner: Dr. Ann Smith
E. Austin Johnson, A.R.I.B.A.

Title - The End.