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YFA 1430



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This is a film highlighting aspects of Yorkshire over the four seasons of the year, part of the Laurie Wright Collection. It features Scarborough, Bolton Abbey, and the Leeds Morris Men dancing in Kirkby Malham.

The film starts (presumably in spring) with a field of lambs and some people walking around the grounds of a stately house. There is an advertisement for the Leeds Morris Men to dance at Kirkby Malham on Saturday June 1st at 4pm. The Morris Men perform outside the Victoria Hotel, with one them in a red top doing a solo dance another passing around cake.

The film switches to showing a view over the South Bay at Scarborough. There is a pleasure boat out at sea and we are shown a close up of some daffodils. The film looks down on the lido, empty of people, then at the gardens and children on the beach. Two children are out on a rowing boat in the harbour.

Out in the countryside, cars travel along a road next to a brook and over an old stone bridge, with a church in the background. A group of people walk around the village and cars go over a ford.

Intertitle - Summer

Back in Scarborough there is a power boat out at sea, small sailing boats in the harbour and fishermen making repairs to their nets. The North Bay is full of people on the beach. There is a destroyer out to sea. Children are on fairground rides and playing on the rocks by the sea. At Peasholme Park there are boats on the lake, a water shoot ride and there is the pagoda. A journey of the miniature railway is filmed form on board.

A sign advertises the Northern Horticultural Society at Harlow Carr Gardens. A family wander around the colourful gardens in full bloom, with close ups of the flowers.

Intertitle - Autumn

There is a waterfall in some woods, with the leaves on the trees turning brown. A man is taking his dog out for a walk. This is followed by a bonfire and a fireworks display at night time.

Intertitle - Winter

The bridge over the River Wharfe at Bolton Abbey is shown, with snow out on the mountains and on the fields. A family walks along a snow covered path, and others are skiing on the hill slopes. A church is shown and sheep out in the snow. A woman feeds one of the sheep.

Title - The End
Compiled by L Wright