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YFA 5227



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This film belongs to the Parkin family collection. This is an amateur film documenting life and scenery in the county of Yorkshire.

It opens with a painted title: ‘Yorkshire Sketchbook.’ It begins with a train pulling into Castleford station. There is then a street scene showing buses and people. A cityscape shows various factories with smoking chimneys.

This is followed by some footage at a factory where men are working outside with a crane.

Next a Mayor leaves a car to enter a building. He is then shown in a garden dressed in Mayor robes with a large golden chain that reads: ‘Borough of Castleford.’

There are shots of some public gardens, where there are men and women playing boule. This cuts to another shot of a cityscape.

Next there is footage of a rugby match, followed by more material of flowers and trees in a park.

A very old woman stands in her doorway.

The Parkin family visit Ledston Hall. This is followed by some cars driving up and down a country road.

Jennifer, the Parkin daughter, is sitting in a meadow, picking flowers. Back at home, the Parkin family enjoy time together in the garden; the mother pours water on the children with a watering can.

The children are next seen playing in a river. There is also footage of a sheep and a baby lamb, some geese and their chicks, some hens and cows. There is a shot showing a Henry Moore statue.

There are some scenes of snowy mountains. A sign, covered in snow, reads: Ledsham, after which the village is seen, all covered in snow, featuring a frozen reserve. The two Parkin children have a snowball fight at the side of the road.  There are more scenes of the snowy village, fields and factories.

The film ends with a shot of a train in a train station on a sunny day. A painted title reads: 'Yorkshire Sketchbook' 'The End.'