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YFA 3818



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This film is described by its maker, Eric Hall, as a pictorial magazine of some Yorkshire towns and people. The film is a tour of some of Yorkshire's well known sights, featuring York and the Mystery Plays, Harewood House, Bolton Abbey, Studley Park, Whitby, Harrogate, a Yorkshire tinker, Skipton Castle, archery and country dancing at Bolton Castle, Ilkley Bathing Pool and harvesting.

A Hallmark Production - Yorkshire Silhouette
Photographed and Edited by J. Eric Hall

A Pictorial magazine of some Yorkshire towns and people

Intertitle - 1951 City of York

A sign for the City of York is followed car driving towards Micklegate Bar. There is a view of the Minster from Low Petergate, and then the Minster from various other vantage points.

Intertitle - The Mansion House

The Mansion House is shown and then the Shambles, with the sign for Norris the tailor. There are also signs for R&P Cairns, Court Hairdressers and for York Weavers. Then cars are shown going over Lendal Bridge and boats passing underneath. People get off a tour boat, and others are in rowing boats. A man sits at the side of the bridge doing a drawing of it. There is a poster for the York Festival and the Mystery Plays, produced by Martin Browne, in the Museum Gardens.

Intertitle - Heralds proclaiming the plays in the city.

A man in medieval costume rides through the city centre, and another man blows on a bugle. Standing outside St. Helen's Church, the man on the horse reads out a proclamation. Moving to outside Mansion House, he reads it out again in front of a large crowd.

Intertitle - Players and scenes from the York 'Mystery Plays'

A scene is being enacted outside the Abbey ruins, and some of the actors pose for the camera in their costumes.

The film then switches to a sign for the Leeds/Harrogate Road, showing Harewood 1 mile and Harrogate 8 miles.

Intertitle - Harewood House: Home of the Princess Royal

Visitors are walking around the grounds of Harewood House.

Intertitle - Dessert for the Royal Table

A man approaches the camera holding up boxes of fruit: peaches and grapes. There are more views of Harewood House.

Intertitle - Glimpses of a few of Yorkshire's many historic abbeys

There is a sign for Bolton Abbey, and then various views of the Abbey ruin. The film moves to show a grand country house, with battlements. Cars pass through the East Entrance to Studley Park and Fountains Abbey. Some visitors walk across the stepping stones at Studley Royal Water Garden. A woman strokes a toad she is holding. Someone else films his family walking through the Garden.

Intertitle - Fountains Abbey

Visitors walk around the Abbey and its grounds.

Intertitle - To some, the county's greatest charm lies in its . . . picturesque coastal scenery

With the tide out, boats are moored in the harbour at Whitby, including two fishing boats, one them marked WY1. People and cars pass over the bridge across the mouth of the River Esk. On the side are crab nets, and a woman turns over a crab in her hands. Two elderly women and an elderly fisherman walk close to the camera. The Custom House is shown and more boats in the harbour as the tide comes in. The two lighthouses are filmed from high up over the rooftops.

Intertitle - Fashionable Harrogate

A woman, standing by a bridge, is wearing a splayed feather hat. She is being photographed by professional photographers. Cars go around the Prince of Wales roundabout in front of the Prince of Wales Hotel, at York Place, Harrogate. The film takes a close look at items in the window of 'Edwards Antiques'. People take a stroll through the Valley Gardens, with the large round Tea House (Sun Pavilion). Park gardeners plant new flowers. A small child watches one of them watering a flower bed. Visitors sit in the Colonnades, and there is a view of a grand hotel with two towers. The film moves on to some people out horse riding in the Gardens.

Intertitle - A Yorkshire Tinker, 65 years on the road

The tinker sits with his dog in a field by a fire having a smoke. Next to him is his tent and cart.

Intertitle - The daily round the common task . . .

A woman picks up and strokes a hedgehog, and a farmer milks a cow. He pours the milk from the bucket into an urn which he carries off strapped to his back. Another farmer, pulling a horse, closes the gate to the field of cows. The first farmer is now ploughing a field on a tractor. Gravel is being unloaded from a lorry into the farm yard.

Intertitle - Skipton, gateway to the Dales

The War Memorial is seen through the gates of Holy Trinity Church in Skipton. Then the roundabout at the bottom of the market and a look along the canal.

Intertitle - Skipton Castle

Above the Gatehouse entrance to the Castle can be seen the motto of the Clifford family DESORMAIS (Henceforth). Through the entrance there is a group of visitors. More visitors arrive and look around the grounds. There is a road sign for Castle Bolton. The Castle is shown and a woman walks through one of the arches with her two children.

Intertitle - Scenes from an historic pageant in the Castle grounds

Some men in medieval dress ride by on horseback. They are joined by children also dressed in medieval clothes.

Intertitle - Archery and country dancing

Some women archers practice in the castle grounds, followed by children doing a maypole dance to the music of a man playing an accordion. Some older children in medieval dress pose for the camera. There is more country dancing in the grounds and more views of the Castle. The film moves on to show a sign for Ilkley Bathing Pool (adult bather 1/-). The swimming pool is packed with bathers: on the diving boards, a slide and a fountain in the middle. Elsewhere a group of adults and children play piggy-in-the-middle on a lawn, where others also sit. Back in the pool, more swimmers are using the diving board and a boy puts his trucks through a mangle.

Intertitle - Harvesting the broad acres

Two farmers are harvesting a field of corn on tractors, with others picking up and stacking the small bales. Another farmer is sharpening his scythe, and the tractor pulled harvester is shown in action close up. The bales are stacked using a conveyer belt in a large barn; and as the sun goes down the film comes to a close.

The End