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YFA 595



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This film covers the move of the Yorkshire Post to new premises in 1970, and later the switch to new production methods, from linotype typesetting to phototypesetting, in 1980.

Title - Yorkshire Post newspapers Old and the New

Photography . . . . Alan Tempest
Story . . . . A. R. Tempest
Graphics . . . . "Big Al" Tempest
Stunt arranger . . . . . . "L12"
Director/Producer . . . . . YOU KNOW WHO

The film begins showing a Yorkshire Post poster declaring 'Farewell to Albion Street'. The Yorkshire Post building is shown on the corner of Albion Street and Bond Street. Inside newspaper workers are working at machines, typing in text for the next edition. Elsewhere a row of journalists are working at typewriters. There is a large room of print workers making up the printing blocks. Then there is a view over Leeds from the rooftop of the building. A billboard for 'Ogdens Otley Demolition and Dismantling' is attached to the Yorkshire Post building, which is now covered in scaffolding. The building is then shown at various stages of its demolition. The rubble is taken away on lorries. A new large building is shown, still covered in scaffolding.

Then the film shows the new Yorkshire Post building. Inside newspaper workers are operating the same machines - Linotype typesetting machines - they were in the previous building. But there is also a new machine, a Phototronic 1200. Paper text is being cut out on large desks. A written sign placed on a machine reads: 'Hot Metal . . . The end. . . July 1980'. A print block is shown for a front page, with a picture of a couple on the front. As this is being re-arranged someone else is shown also filming it. A man types into a machine, which is shown in operation. Behind the workers there is a narrow conveyor belt, and a ticker tape machine. A printer sets a printing block into a machine and prints off a couple of sheets. More print blocks are set as the film comes to a close.

The End