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YFA 2356



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This film is part of the Wilkinson collection and contains footage of trips taken by some of the family members to Trentham Park in Stoke-on-Trent, Linton Springs in Wetherby, Peasholm Park and Knaresborough. There are many shots of the sights and activities that the family take part in.

Title-Trentham Park Stoke-on-Trent

The film opens with a shot of a large house set into very big, well-manicured gardens; the Wilkinson family walk around the garden, sit on a bench and pose for the camera. A small boat sails along a river and this is followed by a shot taken from a mini train ride. There is a brief shot of a river pouring down a stone dam and then a shot of a group of men and women, lining up in a forest and waiting to get onto the mini train; it pulls in and they start of their journey in the forest.

Title-Mr Banks Garden at Linton Springs.

There is a close up shot of a garden gnome on a stone ledge and then a tour all around the garden which is full of many different types of flowers, as well as garden gnomes, stone birds, windmills and lighthouses. There are some women working on the garden and a couple of them stop to tend to it.

Shot of an entrance to an estate and inside are archery targets with some men having a go. Beside them on a terrace are a group of women and children who are sitting at a table having tea. There are shots of other visitors on the terrace, the gardens with children running around and adults walking around.

Lots of family members pose beside a pond with carp, shots of flowers, gardens. Two women feed pigeons with seed and they all flutter around them. There are more lingering shots of the gardens

Title-Peasholm Park

A group of people have a ride in a log flume, and there is a shot as the boat comes down a ramp and splashes into the lake. Beside this is small sailing pond with an Indian encampment at one side of the pond. There are shots of some people lying on the grass beside the pond and sunbathing

People sit in sun or walk around and two girls play in a boat while their family members walk along the path with shots of the river visible.

Following this is a large flower display with shots of a small lake beside the flowers and some swans swimming in the adjacent pond. On a small hill nearby are a life-size crucifix and two figures.

Title-Flower gardens in Holmfield Park Wakefield.

The scene opens with a shot of big gardens with lots of flowers and bushes. One flower display reads `Wakefield Rugby Cup'. People walk along the paths and sit on the benches. There is another flower arrangement which reads `Victory' and `Freedom' and has an image of the Queen's head; lots of people look at the arrangements.

There are more shots from the gardens including statues, flowers and ornate fences. There is also a shot of the entrance driveway.

There is a shot of a street in Wakefield and then a shot of the `F. Wilkinson' shop front. Following this are shots of gardens, flowers and some big green houses with lots of flowers growing in them.

A sign reads `Rustic Work, Mc Avinue' and beside it, a display of wooden and wicker furniture. Two women are each sitting on one of the wooden chairs; there are brief shots of other craft stalls.

People in a park feed ducks and then there is a shot of big gardens with large fountain and a grand house.

There is a sequence of shots set at the Valley Gardens in Harrogate, which is an area well known for its beautiful horticulture. There is a shot of a town centre, more parks, flowers, and green houses with flowers.

The final shot is taken in Knaresborough; the camera is up high on a bridge looking down onto the river. There are shots of people in punts, rowing around the river as well as people walking along the side.