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YFA 3161



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This film is a collection of about forty short advertisements for the Yorkshire Evening Post, from 1973 and 1974, using features and serialisations to promote the newspaper. Most of the adverts end with a broad Yorkshire accent declaring: "Read your Evening Post flower, there's nowt like it at night".

1. The film begins showing an image of a new-born baby superimposed over images of factories and traffic, with the commentary warning of metals like lead and cadmium being spewed form factories and going into crops. It advertises a five part series on the dangers of these, titled 'The Metals Menace'.
2. Then an exclusive series for women called, 'The Younger You', with a face of a glum looking woman sporting lots of different hairdos.
3. The next advert is for the Spot the Ball Competition, with a prize of a cruise.
4. A serialisation of Tea at Gunter's, Pamela Haines' first novel about a young Yorkshire woman in the late 1940s.
5. Then the coverage of the 1974 election.
6. A new series by David Riley called 'The Queue Jumpers', on private health care.
7. Next a new series by Derek Mailer titled, 'The Making of Don Revie'.
8. A cartoon for the Free TV guide over Christmas, and another promoting their competitions over Christmas time.
9. A feature on violence in schools, 'Dairy of a Yorkshireman', Entertainment guide.
10. Then a promotion for the Green Post, using photos of football matches.
11. A new feature titled: 'The Other Women', in which Helen Howard talks to 3 women about the men in their lives.
12. John Wellington column.
13. How Evening Post opinion has made a difference: stopping motorway plans, closing Armley Prison, getting a zebra crossing.
14. Yorkshire in the Air', by Derek Mailer, a feature on Yorkshire's role in the history of aviation.
15. 'The Partners', how famous couples get on (1973). History of the Morris car,
16. Feature on: 'Is marriage out of date?'
17. Build up to Leeds v Sunderland FA Cup Final. Alan Clark filmed scoring the winning goal against Arsenal.
18. Investigation on the Lofthouse Colliery disaster: 'What Went Wrong?'
19. Promotion of the 'Action Desk', manned by Jack Peel.
20. Council Election coverage
21. Classifieds
22. Bill Bowers series on cricket
23. Feature on 'Women's Circle'.
24. Leisure activities covered in the EP
25. Advert for 'Junior Post'.
26. A series on 'How the elderly are cared for'.
27. Promotion of 'Post Bag', correspondence.
28. An investigation into "young women lured to the bright lights of London", titled, 'Girls in Danger '.
29. Promotion of 'Fact Sheets' on local football teams, every Tuesday.
30. A 12 part serialisation of John Pearson's biography of 007, titled: '007- Does He Exist'.
31. 'The Tell-Tale Heart', a feature about the work of Yorkshire scientists on the heart, and a new heart drug.
32. Feature, 'Search for a Star'; using images and music of Elton John, 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'.
33. New series on the history of Armley Jail and famous executions.
34. New series on Captain Mark Philips.
35. Series by Helen Caithcart on Mary, The Princess Royal.
36. Free antique maps on Leeds in the 18th century.
37. Promotion to have the Evening Post delivered.
38. New feature on 'The Gamblers'.
39. New series providing a "health course for women".
40. Feature titled: 'Crisis in the Social Services?'