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YFA 2351



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This amateur film is from the Wilkinson collection and contains footage taken by a Wakefield-based businessman. There are shots of various trips around the county including Cartwright Hall, Lister Park and Knaresborough.

Title-Scenes of Knaresborough
Photographed by F. Wilkinson

The film opens with a shot of an area of Knaresborough, then a church and shots of one of the bridges over the river. The camera pans away from the bridge to capture `The Boat House Caf?', with dozens of punts tied up along the river outside it.

Title-Mother Shipton's Dripping Well.

Looking up to the calcifying rock face, there are many items hanging down, including a fox and many hats. The scene cuts back to the riverside and lots of people are in the punts and walking along the river. There is a shot taken from the hill looking down onto the viaduct and the buildings along the river.

Title-Lister Park, Bradford.

There is a shot of Cartwright Hall in Bradford with a large fountain in front of it. Then there are shots from Lister Park including the playground, a pond with row boats and an outdoor swimming pool in the park

The next section opens with a shot of a tall monument, some scenes of the countryside and some children having horse riding lessons.

There are some brief black and white shots of men and women walking around a park with their children, as well as some older couples who sit on the benches.

There are lots of people of all ages who have gathered in a field where a carnival seems to be taking place; people walk around carrying cups of tea. A group of children have gathered in front of a horse shaped game; the middle section rolls and they have to try and cross without falling off. The camera pans across the field and captures all of the children and adults sitting in the grass, standing and looking at the camera as well as gathering to watch a Punch and Judy Show.

Following this are boy and girl relay races that take place in another part of the field. Then some of the children have donkey rides while the rest of the children follow behind. There are more running races.

The following section opens in an indoor swimming pool where children are taking part in races. The shots are underexposed but it is possible to see that several races take place. In the next shots a young child is passed to a woman in the pool and the woman helps the little girl to swim. Following this are shots of divers as they jump from a high board; again the picture is very underexposed.