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YFA 6006



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This is a film of coronation celebrations taking places in various mining villages in South Yorkshire.  The film was made by local cinemas looking to promote their films.

Title – Star Cinemas tours Yorkshire festivities
Photographed and edited by John R Sanderson
Directed by A J Brown

Title – Askern one of the oldest and perhaps forgotten watering places: a spa which became a colliery town.  [Star Cinemas Film Unit] 

A procession begins.  Girls holding a banner for the Queen lead the procession, and they are followed by younger girls in historic costume.  A boy holds a replica crown, whilst another banner has a picture of the Queen and the slogan “God Save the Queen.”  There are children in fancy dress and another banner with the date of “June 2nd, 1953, Hilton Street and Campsell Road.”  This is followed by a brass band, passing shops advertising Woodbines and a telephone kiosk.  The procession turns back upon itself outside the Picture house cinema.  All participants seem to be having fun.  There is a decorated car and a couple dressed as the royal couple.  There are more participants in fancy dress, some women in grass skirts, with others doing a knees-up.  A large crown is jokingly placed on a woman’s head.  The girls on the parade pose outside the cinema, which has a poster for the film, “Annie Get Your Gun.”  

Title – Worksop’s Grand Coronation Parade
[Star Cinemas Film Unit]

A man in a mask stands looking at the camera.  There are close ups of some of those looking at the parade.  The parade is led by a vintage car decorated with a picture of the Queen, and escorted by boys dressed in Royal Guard’s uniforms, passing the Newcastle Arms pub.  This is followed by a float promoting Market Growers Seeds, with a caption “Lion rations for all animals, Middleton Foods.”  There is a horse and cart carrying a girl dressed as the Queen, and advertising the Royal Cinema, which is showing, “A Queen is Crowned, Monday June 15th”, “The only full length film of the Coronation, in Technicolor.”  

A woman drives a tractor pulling a float of people dressed as characters out of Robin Hood, followed by a girls’ dancing group, and a float depicting a typical terraced back yard scene with washing hanging out to dry.  The parade continues with a brass band, children in fancy dress, some representing the commonwealth, one boy with a blackened face.  They assemble in front of a row of stands with advertising billboards, including one for the Co-op restaurant on Eastgate Close.  There is a close up of a girl dressed as the Queen and then girls maypole dancing. 

Title – Castleford, founded by the Romans who called it Castraford – the camp by the river.
[Star Cinemas Film Unit]

A girl dressed as the Queen stands on some steps with an entourage of other girls, all dressed in white, with boys in historic uniforms acting as guards.   They wave to the large crowd who have gathered there, and who in turn wave back.  The parade sets off with the Castleford Band, with a woman in historic costume on horseback, the Queen in a vintage car, and a bus with coronation decoration.  A horse is pulling a small wagon, escorted by three boys, followed by a float for Bradley Street Sunday School, with the Snow Queen.  Spectators hang out from the windows above the shops.  There are more floats of children depicting historic scenes, and a scruffy clown collecting money from the onlookers.

Title – The whole town joined in a day of brilliant pageantry. 
[Star Cinemas Film Unit]

A woman in a grass skirt dances for the camera, watched by a laughing crowd.  Workers looking out from a second floor window of a factory put money into a bag which is held up for them on the top of a tall pole.  A man walks past in a Donald Duck mask.  Then there is a wagon and horses with the theme of “The Days of the Old West,” with some women carrying gun holsters, perhaps alluding to the film currently showing of ‘Annie Get Your Gun.’  Another float promotes the local cinema, with people dressed as Native Americans.

Title – Normanton, a typical busy Colliery town.
[Star Cinemas Film Unit]

A street party is being held down a terraced street decorated with coronation bunting, with residents sat around a long table, with tea and cake.  There are close ups of many of those present.  There is a puppet show featuring a skeleton.  A much longer street table is seen, and a close up of a baby in a pram.  One boy sits on his own eating at a table with his mother on their doorstep, away from the others.  A group of children pose for the camera, while some women play act for the camera.

Title – Upton, heart of the South Yorkshire coalfield, and home of one of its deepest pits.
[Star Cinemas Film Unit]

A brass band is playing in a field where there are spectators seated in a large stand and there is a large marquee, with factory seen in the background.  Then there is a girls’ egg and spoon race, followed by a skipping race.  The winners pose for the camera and are presented with a piece of paper as a commemoration.  An elderly woman sits dressed as a queen.  There is a boys’ tug-of-war, followed by boys giving a display of remote control model planes.  There is then a strange event of men being fed pop from bottles with dummies on them.  A large crowd watches a comedy fire drill, followed by a proper fire drill demonstration.  

Title – And so, from the heart of the country, a Nation salutes its Queen.
[Star Cinemas Film Unit]

Title – The End – and the beginning of a new era.
“God Bless the Queen”