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YFA 1154



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This is a film of a family on holiday along the Yorkshire coast.

Title: 'Colour on the Move, 1965' 'Ilfochrome 25'

The film begins by the seaside, showing boats out at sea, children playing in a pool along the sea shore and two boys with fishing rods. A boy eats an ice cream, and there is a flower bed made in the shape of a clock, followed by a sign for 'Royal Princess Parade'. Two boats packed with tourists come in to land, followed by two boys sitting by the pool, one eating candy floss the other an apple, both wearing NHS glasses, followed by a man eating chips.

There is a parade of a boy's brigade band, preceded by cars, passing in front of a church in Beighton. On a beach two boys build a sand castle, with some adults sitting on deckchairs. One boy gets buried up to his neck in sand. People wander around some gardens, with the film focusing on the flowers (probably Sewerby Hall and Gardens). There is a sign for 'The Old English Garden', featuring a pond with water lilies, goldfish and a greenhouse growing flowers. Someone else (a friend?) also uses a cine camera to film the flowers. The two boys climb on to a statue of a dog outside some large gates.

There is a sign for Sewerby Park Miniature Zoo. Here they visit a goat family, parrots, monkeys, crested cranes, and Himalayan bears. Someone is tickling the bear's nose. There is film of ladies perms. At the 'Home of Sam Squirrel' and 'Rupert the Llama,' a child gets close and people pet and feed the animals. Next there are Pea Fowls and a little girl petting a rabbit.

Next we see a sign for Crescent Gardens at Filey for the Sun Lounge which has musical variety and children's programmes. At Bridlington Bay, people walk along the sea, and there is also a Punch and Judy show. The film then switches to the two boys and their father (?) at Hornsea Mere with boats lined up in and out of the water. From there on to the sea front at Withernsea, with the lighthouse, and Minivale Model Village. This is followed by a stroll through the streets of Robin Hood's Bay. Someone is shown cleaning out the insides of sea shells. The boys capture a crab and some star fish on the sea shore.

The film then moves to Whitby and the whale jaw bone. Some fishermen gut fish before a scene of Whitby Abbey and water skiing. The film scans over the two piers and the harbour and finally Whitby Abbey. The boys buy an ice cream before they stand and watch waves crash against the sea walls. Whitby is shown from many vantage points. On a rainy day the family walk around the grounds of the Abbey and St. Mary's Church, showing the stained glass windows. They return to their car and the film comes to a close with the same title that is displayed at the beginning.