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YFA 2805



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This holiday film features many shots of the Yorkshire coast complete with a small boat launch. The second part of the film takes place at Pettycarwich Bay, Scotland and includes scenes of scuba divers and the events around their camp.

The film opens with a view of the coast from a boat followed by a few shots of people lounging about near the water. Next the film follows the events of a small boat launch from the the work to get the boat down the side of the hill to the water, the launch itself, and the work to get the boat back up to the campsite. Divers are featured preparing to dive in the ocean as well as in a pool at a park. Building fronts of a nearby town are captured from the window of a moving car, as well as children playing at a park.

Bonnie Scotland - Pettycarwick Bay features scenic shots of the coastline, a picnic, divers getting ready for their dive, and underwater footage, mostly of the divers themselves rather than the sea life around them. The film ends with a final scene of a family laughing and playing about around their campsite.