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YFA 3375



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Part of the Gillot collection, this film captures a many of the beautiful seaside destinations down the Yorkshire Coast including Bridlington, Filey, and Staithes.

Title - Orford Films presents

Title - Finding England. Produced by J.W.Gillot.

Title - Yorkshire Coast.

The opening shots of this film show verdant landscapes taken from a moving steam train.

Title - Let us halt first at Bridlington Old Town for a glimpse of the ancient Priory church.

The filmmaker captures shots of Bridlington Priory church from various angles.

Title - Bridlington Harbour is always a centre of attraction.

Holidaymakers knit astride the harbour walls with Bridlington beach in the background. More shots of the harbour show the tourist filling the streets, water front architecture and the boats which sail though the harbour.

Title - Sewerby Hall, a pleasant retreat for the Bridlington visitor.

Sewerby Hall is shown and there are further shots of tourist exploring the lush grounds. A man wearing a trilby and cross hatch suits feeds what appears to be doves. There are then shots of peacocks. The filmmaker then cuts to a sign which reads, 'Norman manor house - Burton acnes - Ancient monument'. The final segment of this sequence features several views of Norman manor house.

Title - At nearby Flamborough we see the Yorkshire coast in all its rugged splendour.

Several cars typical of this period are parked on a green lawn, which is surmounted by a white lighthouse. Shots of Flamborough coastline follow and the filmmaker captures tourists heading down to Flamborough beach. Two row boats idle in the water waiting to take tourists out. The final few shots in this sequence show a row boat unloading some cargo which is then transported from the beach by donkey.

Title - Filey can boast one of the finest beaches in Britain.

Expansive views show the various activities on Filey beach; donkey rides, paddling pool and a flower garden. The last shots show a glimpse of the buildings that are built along the sea front.

Title - Scarborough, aristocrat of English resorts, might surely be called 'the city of flowers'.

In this sequence, the filmmaker captures an array of shots showing tourists enjoying various horticultural sights in Scarborough.

Title - Under the shadow of Castle hill, drifters unload the harvest of the sea.

This sequence opens with a panoramic view of Scarborough Harbour. A variety of shots then show the harbour in more detail which includes the moored boats and a lighthouse. Then, from the water, the filmmaker captures more shots of boats and some seafront restaurants that include, 'the harbour caf?' and 'Sadlers caf?', while in the background there a castle is just visible. There is then a sequence which shows the fishing industry in Scarborough; fishermen unload their catch, pack the fish into crates and check their nets. The sequence concludes with further shots of the sea front, and the filmmaker focuses on tour boats which leave the harbour.

Title - In the North Bay, a small part of the coast may be traversed by this interesting railway.

Abreast of a multi-coloured flower garden runs a miniature railway, and the filmmaker creates a nice sequence which shows views of tourists enjoying the ride, the driver operating the miniature locomotive and shots from on-board the train.

Title - Some miles inland lies Thornton Dale, a village of unusual beauty.

Cows trot past the camera as a man walks his push bike along a road. There are then various shots of quaint cottages with thatched roofing and more grand stone buildings. The filmmaker also captures a small bird nesting in a tree and a Labrador sitting in a sunny garden.

Title -Continuing our journey northwards, we discover quaint Robin Hood's bay perched precariously on the cliffs.

The filmmaker captures several narrow streets in Robin Hood's bay, which include shots of the houses, shops and a pub, which is called the Laurel Inn. Then on the beach a group of people have gathered round a stall selling octopus in jars, sea cockles and an assortment of other souvenirs from the sea.

Title - Whitby, an ancient Yorkshire town surmounted by its historic Abbey and old St. Mary's church.

An expansive view shows a street in Whitby with the Abbey in the background high above. There is then a shot of a busy high street filled with cars and people, there is also a shop called, 'H.P. Tyler' and a Whitby bus. There is a close up of a street sign which reads, 'Church Lane' and shots of people ascending the steps towards the abbey. The filmmaker then focuses on the Abbey in some detail, before cutting back to the bay. Following this, there are many shots which show the boats anchored in the bay and others navigating the largely calm waters. The filmmaker then captures fisherman fixing nets, sorting their catch and baiting their lines. The final shots show the architecture of the sea front.

Title - Runswick sprawls attractively on one side of its narrow bay.

A panoramic view shows people on Runswick beach and the various houses which nestle amongst the different echelons of the hillside. Following this, a man holding a baby stands by the water's edge. A small white building called the, 'Sandside caf?', is then captured as the filmmaker shows a sweeping pan of the hillside area. Tourists are then captured walking around some streets in Runswick.

Title - Our last call is still further north at the quaint harbour of Staithes.

A large family disembark from a row boat on Staithes beach, before the filmmaker cuts to show a little girl looking through a window outside a terraced house. A panoramic view then shows Staithes bay and its cliffs. From the dock, tourists watch as boats drift in and out of the harbour. Then there is a sequence which shows people of Staithes enjoying the day; a kid walks down a street eating an ice cream, a group of women chat outside a house, a little boys cries as he is dragged towards the beach by his mother, and a boy pushing a bicycle looks down at an anchored row boat.

Title - And so we re-join our train to conclude our journey along the Yorkshire coast.

The final sequence shows several views of rolling countryside and coastline taken from a train.

Title - The end.