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YFA 4866



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Made by club member Frank Charman, this film shows members of the Yorkshire District Association at their various camping weekends in 1937 and 1938.  The film captures the lively and fun atmosphere of the trips as well as the scenic landscapes surrounding the campsites. 

Fulwith Mill, near Harrogate:  The camp has been set up, and the large viaduct can be seen in the background.  A man walks towards the camera and past some tents.  He is wearing a towel around his waist.  A group of the campers pose for a picture, and the woman taking the picture can also be seen in the foreground.  There is a steam train which crosses the Crimple Viaduct, and following this, a lady wearing a swimming costume walks across the field.  One of the men at the camp, wearing a towel around his waist, decides to perform a comical dance for the cameraman, and there is a lot of laughing and joking around among the club members.   

The men of the camp have dressed up in women’s clothing, maid and servant outfits, and cater to the group.  The women and children in the camp are all seated at a long table set for a meal.  The men serving the group all pose for a picture, and following this, there are shots of the various caravans and cars at the camp. 

Some of the camp entertainment includes different races.  The children in the camp are first up and participate in an egg and spoon race.  The adults are seated on the grass and in folding chairs along the side-lines.  The men are next up.  They race half way down the track, each light a candle, and run to the finish line while trying to keep the candle alight.

Coniston Hall, Cumbria:  An old man walks near a stone fence and towards the camera.  The camp has been set up near the lake, and there is footage of the scenic surrounding landscape.  A steamboat or ferry is on the lake, and later, the filmmaker films the surroundings from the moving boat.   The landscape is quite hilly around the lake.

A couple are seated on a blanket, and other members of the club relax in front of their tents and caravans.  Some of the men are smoking pipes.  The club members are gathered together to listen to a musical performance.  One man plays a xylophone, another plays the banjo, and the third man plays a small drum.  Everyone is seated on the grass together, and tents can be seen nearby.  A woman washes a dog in a small basin while she listens to the musicians perform.  

Fulwith Mill, near Harrogate, Ladies Weekend:  Many of the men have dressed up in women’s clothing – maid and cooks outfits.  A long table has been set up, and the women and children of the group are all seated at the table which has been decorated for a tea service complete with three tiered platters.  The people seated look down the table towards the cameraman. 

One of the men in fancy dress tries to balance a wooden folding table on his chin, but he is unable to do so.  There are more shots of the camp.  One of the men has trouble getting off his dress, and a woman helps to pull the costume over his head.  Following this is more footage of the group members relaxing, and the viaduct can be seen in the background. 

Some of the women from the club look at the interior of a caravan, and the members go around and look at each other’s caravans.  A train passes on the viaduct, and one of the men is washing dishes inside his caravan.  Outside, a few of the women help to do the dishes, washing and then drying them near the long table.  The film closes with shots of the camp and those who have travelled on this holiday.