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YFA 2015



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This is a film from the Ibberson Collection which provides a good example of colour footage at the end of World War II.  The film documents the family during their leisure time at different Yorkshire beaches including Filey and Whitby. 

In a very short portion of black and white footage, the film opens with an older man walking down a country path.  There are scenes of the surrounding countryside and picturesque landscape. 

Now in colour, Mrs. Ibberson walks around her garden admiring the many flowers.  The rest of the family joins her for a walk around the large garden. 

Briefly and signalling the end of the War, there is a shot of a VJ celebrations illuminated sign.   

The seascape of Filey is captured from on top of the hills.  The Ibbersons walk along the sidewalks through the town and make their way down to the sand.  On the beach, the family relax in deck chairs positioned near small huts.  The Ibberson boys run towards the water, with sandcastle buckets and shovels in hand, and play in the surf. 

With their mother, the boys walk on the hills and near the lighthouse which overlooks the beach.   

The boys and their father are now all in swimming costumes and play around in the water.  Many people help to push a large rowboat, which is situated on a two-wheeled kart, to the sea.  The boat is launched with a few members of the family as passengers as they work to row the boat beyond the breaking waves.   

Now at Whitby Harbour, the family walks along the dock as the film captures the sea front as well as many of the boats docked there.  On the beach, the family runs towards the camera, hand in hand, and towards the sea.  The family together plays Ring a Ring o’ Roses all falling into the water.   

The film closes back in the family gardens with many of the women and children relaxing and enjoying the scenery.