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YFA 1958



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This is a film which features many of the famous historical sites of the City of York including views of the city from the top of the Minster tower.

Title - Cine Kodagrpah
The film opens with the following title superimposed over a shot of a rooftop with the York Minster in the background: York Glories of England Series No. 305

There is a view of the city taken from the city walls near the train station. The Minster can be seen in the background.

Title - The Old Gates (or "Bars") still command the main entrance.

Following this title are shots of Bootham Bar, Micklegate, and Walmgate entrances. Traffic and pedestrians can be seen near all of them, and there is a policeman directing traffic at the city entrance of Micklegate.

Title - Aged examples of strength and beauty.

St. William's College is the next site to be featured, and there are external shots of the building. Following this is Clifford's Tower outside of which three tourists stand. This is followed by a brief shot of the city centre streets near The Shambles.

Title - The Minster

There is a shot of one of the Minster's entranceways, both external and internal. There is also footage taken of the stained glass windows from inside the cathedral.

Title = From the top of the Great Tower.

An iris effect is used to reveal a view from atop the Minster tower. The rooftops and city streets can be seen in many directions, and there are smoking factory chimneys towards the east of the city. There is also a shot of the Minster Gardens and its buildings. Finally, there is a shot of the Minster's famous Rose Window.

Title - The End.

The following viewing guide was included with the film:
Cine-"Kodagraph" No. 305.
"Glories of England" Series
This is what you see (each picture is denoted by underlining in the text).

York is one of the few remaining walled cities and is of exceptional historic interest even in a country so closely packed with monuments of past ages. As a great ecclesiastical centre it takes priority in point of age even over Canterbury. The history of York is largely a chronicle of Saints, Monarchs, and Bishops.

During the 400 years of the Roman occupation York was their Northern Capital.

In this "Kodagraph" we see successively the remains of the Roman Wall and the great gates that gave access to the city in mediaeval times, Bootham, Micklegate and Walmgate.

We also see St. William's College with its beautiful Courtyard and Arches. Not so beautiful, but very remarkable, is Clifford's Tower, the scene, according to legend, of a terrible massacre of Jews in Richard the First's reign.

Of the many beautiful and curious old streets that have remained almost untouched by modern rebuilding The Shambles is a notable example.

The Minster, York's crowning glory, is seen both from within and without. The South Door, the magnificent Five Sisters Window, the Great East Window, all are seen in turn and we get an idea of the wonderful stained glass, equalled probably in not more than two other cathedrals in Europe.

This splendid "Kodagraph" concludes with views of the City from the cathedral tower and a 'shot' of industrial York.