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YFA 5572



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This is a film of a demonstration of the Fire Brigade in York using their hoses and rescuing people, watched by a large crowd of spectators.

The film begins showing people crowded on both sides of a street as fire engines emerge from a fire station, next to a police station.  At the end of the street is a hoarding for T F Wood and Co., Steamers of London, Hull and Goole.  The fire engines pass along Clifford Street, which still has tramlines.  They arrive at the cobbled quay of King’s Staith, where firemen climb up a ladder five flights of the Terry’s warehouse located there.  They do a demonstration of rescuing people from the upper floors of the building by rope and pulleys, first with a dummy and then with a real person. 

There is a large crowd watching on the King’s Staith, in front of the Lowther Hotel and from the Ouse Bridge as firemen demonstrate using their hoses, pointing them up towards the river.  Policemen help an injured man, while another is on a stretcher and is carried to an ambulance which drives off, with a trolleybus passing over the bridge in the background.  The water hoses are turned off, and the film comes to an end.