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YFA 4712



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This is a film of the celebrations in York to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It shows the decorations in the city centre, a school parade, a fancy dress and an armed forces parade to the Minster.

Intertitle - The Decorations

The film begins showing the decorations to celebrate the coronation on the clock tower of Leedhams Ltd., which has a large picture of the new Queen. Buglers are stood are either side of the clock. Seen from further out the decorations on the rest of the building are revealed. More decorations are shown on the front of York Railway Station and the adjoining hotel. Other buildings and shops with coronation bunting include, Hunter and Smallpage, the Mansion House, the Rowntree's shop, Myers and Burnell on Davygate, with a banner declaring 'God Save the Queen', and drapers W P Brown. Flower beds around the city walls have been designed also for the occasion, one in the form of a crown, another as a Union Jack.

The film switches to show a man (possibly John Smith), cutting some roses and forming them into a bunch, red, white and blue.

Intertitle - Family Festivities

Two elderly twin sisters in identical dresses are sitting at a table in a garden, along with another woman. In the centre there is a vase with the roses. They have tea and cake. A younger woman in a red top opens a bottle of wine and pours some out for herself and two others. They raise a toast. When they have gone a man takes a slug from the bottle and licks his lips.

Intertitle - Fancy Dress

A small girl is dressed in red, white and blue. There is a large group of people, many in fancy dress. Another small girl wears a grass skirt. There is a parade, beginning with girl majorettes, dressed in red, followed by a school float with an older girl sitting on the driver's cab of the lorry. The procession passes a school with a clock tower. Also on the parade are marching uniformed school children holding a banner declaring, 'Soldiers of the Queen'. The parade goes into a field.

Intertitle - Open Air Variety

There is a police dog demonstration at a stadium, possibly York City FC. This is followed by an athletics display, with a trampoline. There is then a horse riding display. The action switches to the River Ouse in York, where a man in a swimming costume appears to be standing on a plank of wood out on the river. A woman dives into the river off Lendal Bridge, followed by several others also diving in. A flotilla of boats comes along the river.

Intertitle - H M Forces March to Minster

A large crowd of spectators are thronging Stonegate. A parade of navy and army officers makes its way to the Minster. The film ends with a picture of the Queen sat on the coronation throne at Westminster Abbey, with the words 'Long May She Reign', followed by another photograph of her with Prince Philip.

The End