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YFA 2581



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This film brings together three different events: a Co-Op Gala, Santa coming to York, and a visit to Peasholme Park, in Scarborough.

The film opens with an advertising board for the International Co-operative Day at York Rugby Club on 5th July, including a circus and fireworks display. Behind the scenes the Gala stalls are being set up before the main event. The side stalls and competitions are being made, including a coconut shy (for 6d old pence), with two young men having a go. Another is a music competition where an arrow attached to a wheel spins before coming to a rest next to the name of a musician (Dusty Springfield). Sun Up orange drinks are for sale at 3d.

Then there is a parade of Scottish Bagpipers, and the there are close ups of people attending and sitting on the grandstand. The Gala Queen is being prepared for procession and she is clapped by the audience as she makes her way to the stage, where she sits on a throne in her crown.

A brass band plays for a smiling and waving audience. On a stage erected in front of the grandstand, a play is being performed with mythological looking characters on a set with step-ladders and planks. Filming of the performance is interspersed with close ups of a young boy watching. The act features tightrope walkers and dancing in historic costume. The Mayor and Mayoress look on from the stand. There is then a pony and dogs performing tricks. Boys crowd around a medium size model of a steam train, and at the end there is a fireworks display.

Intertitle: 'The End'

Two vintage Renault cars, decorated with red and white bunting wait at York Railway Station. Then with Santa in one of the cars and the Gala Queen in the other, they make their way to Rougier Street watched by crowds lining the streets. They are met by a huge crowd of children and adults thronging around the car. Santa gets out with a bag of presents.

A group of visitors walk along the sea front, before the film shows a large backdrop for a theatre production and the lake at Peasholme Park, Scarborough. Here there is a navel battle is being fought by model boats.