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YFA 2801



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This film follows a group of scuba divers on a two day holiday to St. Abbs, Scotland. Made up largely of underwater sea footage, their adventures are documented from the beginnings of equipment preparation to the after dive beach parties.

The film opens with scenic shots of the St. Abbs coastline complete with many seagulls and a few boats docked at the port. Those on holiday prepare their diving equipment, and once in order, proceed to climb down the large sea wall into the ocean. After climbing around a bit of the rocky coastline, they begin the main part of their dive.

Here, the divers document their underwater adventures capturing not only a variety of sea creatures, but also the divers themselves as well as the underwater cameramen. A large portion of the film is made up of this underwater footage.

As the divers return to the surface, they make their way back to the beach passing crabbers with baskets of large crabs on the way. One of the divers can be seen nursing a head wound, but it is later discovered that all is well as the man sits upright with the rest of the crowd, complete with a bandage around his head, as they listen to one of their fellow divers entertain them with his banjo.

The second day of the holiday features more diving footage, and the film is book ended with similar scenic shots of the St. Abbs coastline.