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YFA 2470



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Part of the Pashley Collection, this film is a travelogue and contains footage of York, Scarborough, and Fountains Abbey.

The film opens with shots of York and its city walls, the field surrounding them full of flowers in bloom. Following this is footage of some of York's famous landmarks such as Micklegate Bar, St. William's College, the York Minster and the Shambles. A group of nuns are out in York, and they can be seen touring around the Mister and surrounding area. Following this is footage of the city taken from atop the Mister tower. A South Asian couple are also at the top of the tower and look out over the city.

A large parade goes through the city, and the streets are lined with spectators. The parade is led by police on motorcycles and full of colourful, decorative floats. Most have themes dealing with different countries. There is a cowboy and Indian float, a Latin-themed float, and an East Asian themed float along with the May Queen.

Title - Fountain Abbey

Fountains Abbey can be seen in the distance. There are many tourists in the area, and one woman is set up to paint the picturesque ruins. The filmmaker and his family tour around the area, and the surrounding landscape can be seen. Following this is footage taken from the drive to Skipton.

Title - Skipton Castle

There are shots of the castle ruins before the bay at Whitby. In the bay are many boats.

Title - Shark caught off Whitby by coble.

The fishermen pull the large shark off the boat and up towards the fish market. After seeing this, the filmmaker and his family tour more of Whitby town. They then go into a shop where a craftsman makes intricate metal ornaments. Returning to the harbour, boats can be seen coming in and out.

Back at Fountains Abbey, people walk along the stepping stones set up to cross the river. The family then picnics in a field, and a horse stands nearby. Following this are shots of waves crashing against a sea wall, possibly at Scarborough North Bay. Traffic passes along the road next to the sea wall. The film ends with a parade through Scarborough.