Film ID:
YFA 1744



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This is a brief film made by Derrick Walton of a visit to York and Knaresbrough.

The film begins with three women and a man emerging from a house.  The entrance to Monk Bar in York can be seen as well as a sign for the entrance to the City walls.  Some people walk along the city wall, and then the film shows a glimpse of the Mystery Plays being performed in the city centre, with a knight on a horse.  It then goes to the Shambles and the market, busy with shoppers,  before showing Clifford’s Tower, Castle Museum , the Minster from close up, and then as seen from the city walls near the railway station.

Intertitle – Knaresbrough

Shoppers are wandering through the streets in the centre of the town.  There is the castle, and a view over the river, with boats and people sitting at outdoor tables at a café.  They walk up the steps to the top of the castle.

The film switches to show a group of women and a man emerging from a house and posing in the front for the camera.   Two of the women and the man walk off and arrive at the river looking out at the famous bridge and the film comes to an end.