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YFA 5650



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Short film which explores the 1972 exhibition of items from the tomb of Tutankhamun at the British Museum in London. The title is taken from the story of Howard Carter’s discovery of the tomb – when asked by his collaborator Lord Carnarvon if he could see anything, he responded “Yes, wonderful things!”

Title – Yes…Wonderful Things

Title – Produced by J Eric Hall

The British Museum in London is seen from outside its railings. Visitors stroll up the steps and through the galleries. A public lecture is being given to a small audience. Various frescoes are visible on the walls of the Department of Egyptology, and the commentary notes that these give insights into the lives of the Pharaohs. A gallery is thronged with people and two women inspect the inside of a sarcophagus. Mummies are on display in glass cases.

From outside the museum, large banners advertise the exhibition ‘Treasures of Tutankhamun’, which presented 50 items from the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh. Outside the gates, a large queue of people stretches along the pavement. Inside the courtyard the queue is even longer, with people waiting patiently to enter the museum.

Photographs are seen of Howard Carter, who discovered Tutankhamun’s tomb in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings, followed by a plan of the burial chambers. The skeleton of the pharaoh is on display under glass. A photograph from the time of Carter’s discovery shows a ramshackle antechamber, and the commentary explains that the tomb had been robbed in antiquity, with thieves leaving the storeroom in disarray.

A pen indicates various areas on the plan of the tomb, with the commentary explaining details of finds discovered in each. These include the king’s throne and a statue of the head of a sacred cow, representative of the goddess Hathor. A statue of a dog, on display in the museum, is followed by a photograph of the statue as it was discovered in the tomb.

The pen points to the burial chamber, and a photograph of the archaeological team discovering it is shown. The golden casket of Tutankhamun is seen, and the commentary explains that it was the innermost of four shrines which contained the pharaoh’s body. Also on display is the royal diadem which he was buried wearing.

Title – The End