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YFA 1077

YEB 13


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Formed as the Yorkshire Electricity Board in 1948 as part of the nationalisation of the electricity industry by the Electricity Act 1947, it was privatised in 1990 as the Yorkshire Electricity Group plc.  This reel contains a series of Yorkshire Electricity Board domestic advertisements from the 1970s.

Adverts include:
2 x Couple in shop storage radiators (as1707) (Colour, 34 secs) 
3 x Storage radiators (Colour, 37 secs)
Pans/cookers (Colour, 60 secs) 
4 x Great star sale (Colour, 34 secs)
Storage radiators (Colour, 48 secs)
Freezer (Tatt.ref.?) (Colour, 24 secs)
2 x Large appliances (Tatt.ref.?) (Colour, 84 secs)
Kitchen knives (Colour, 22 secs) 
Canteen of cutlery (Colour, 38 secs) 
Couples (end of ad.) (24 secs) 
3 x Washing machine (Colour, 35 secs)