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YFA 3145



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This film features events and celebrations the Carleton Church and school including a Christmas production, school sports, and gala celebrations.

Title - Some Events in the Years Round 1969-1970
A Carleton Church Production
School Christmas Presentation

The children, all grouped together in a classroom, sit in costume reading and waiting for the play to begin. The chorus then goes out onto the stage shortly followed by the Holy Family. A group of angels process out as well, some carrying Christmas trees. Other children process out on stage carrying a turkey, pudding, and other items for a Christmas feast.

Title - School Project - Please Sir! Can we go up the church tower?

There are shots in different angles of a model church, then an actual church with the children up on the top of the tower looking out over the side.

Title - Gala Committee Members Put Their Heads Together

Members of the committee sit in together in a room having a discussion and meeting with the Pastor of the church.

Title - Feast Day Sunday School Sports

The children are lined up for the races, of which there are many different types including 3-legged, bike, and sack. After the children take their turn, the adults from the parish participate in many races as well.

Title - Who Would Be Gala Queen?

The committee for the Gala Queen sit and judge while many girls walk one by one past the table and around the room. They also answer different questions and make a speech. Then, the ladies of the church are in the kitchen preparing food.

Title - School Sports

This is a day of races. At one point a boy holds up a stuffed Kuala with a blue crown. The film then closes with a shot of the church clock.