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YFA 562



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Leeds Bradford International Airport is located at Yeadon, West Yorkshire. It was opened in October, 1931 as Yeadon Aerodrome, and the airport is the largest airport within Yorkshire. The following film features the airport and the traffic which comes in and out of Yeadon (Leeds Bradford) airport on an average summer day.

The film begins in the dark with a green beacon flashing.

Title - Yeadon

A plane comes in for a landing. There is a road sigh which indicates the direction towards Leeds and Bradford Airport.

A plane comes, its passengers disembark, and the luggage is unloaded. There are shots of other planes, both stationary and those which taxi along the runways, on a sunny day. The planes look to be a variety of commercial, private, and military aircrafts. Following this is extensive footage of the planes taking off and landing. A man helps to pull a small private airplane from the hanger to the runway. Intercut with this footage are brief scenes of the control tower and reception areas.

In Airport Reception, passengers check in for their flights and luggage is weighed and tagged. There are shots of the main entrance to the airport, and travellers can be seen making their way in. Passengers then wait on the tarmac for the plane. There are several more shots of planes taking off and landing as the sun sets, and the film ends with the green flashing beacon.

Title - The End