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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and is about a motorbike safety programme that is being carried out across the United States. There are also several short adverts promoting the Yamaha way of life by putting the bike in various social situations demonstrating its reliability.x

The film opens with a shot of a young boy putting on a motorcycle helmet; the voiceover tells us his name and says that he is saving for a motorcycle. The voiceover then mentions a housewife and a retired railway worker who are both riding around cones in a car park with help from people in Yamaha t-shirts. The voiceover says that they are all riding motorbikes for the first time as part of the Yamaha-Learn to Ride Programme. He says that it's a free motorcycle safety programme being offered all around the United States. Men, women and children are riding slowly around cones with the help of instructors.

The voiceover continues on to say that the motorcycle is becoming as popular as the car so it is important to learn to ride them safely. There is another series of shots showing people of all ages laughing and having fun.


The second version of the advert is very similar to the first one except some of the people talk to the camera about how proud they are of themselves and how much fun it is to learn to ride a motorbike.

The third version of the advert is a mute film and opens in a stadium where crowds of people wait in the seats to be called for their turn. The instructors walk alongside the people as they help them to ride the motorcycles around cones.

The forth version starts with a young boy fixing wheels onto a homemade skateboard. He pushes himself along a road, and the voiceover says that if this was the last time that you had fun somewhere, then it's time to find some other way of having fun and you should think about a Yamaha.

Title-Someday, you'll own a Yamaha.

The fifth version is set outside a house. A man stands in the drive way with his adult son and watches him points to various parts on his Yamaha motorbike, getting very animated about it. His mother comes out of the house to have a look, and the son gets onto the bike. The voiceover says that if you have ever wanted to know what it's like to own a Yamaha, then get on one and find out. The father gets onto the back of the motorcycle and they ride off along the highway.

Title-Someday, you'll own a Yamaha.

The father and son arrive back at the house and they smile at the mother and offer her the passenger helmet.

The sixth version is about a father and his young son bringing their Yamaha motorbikes in the back of a trailer to the beach. The voiceover says `how does a man feel about his Yamaha? Probably the same way that a young boy feels when he rides his for the first time'. The rest of the film is a sequence of shots showing the father and son riding along the beach.

Title-Someday, you'll own a Yamaha

The seventh version shows a housewife being blindfolded and led into a garage where her husband and sons have bought her a motorbike for her birthday; she looks shocked. The voiceover says that most people would find the idea of owning a Yamaha surprising, but the most surprising thing is actually how easy and fun it is to ride. The mother sits on the bike and is shown all the parts by her husband and sons and then they all set off on their bikes and ride around the town.

Title-Someday, you'll own a Yamaha.

The eighth film opens with a rally bike rider sitting on the road with motorcycles cycling past at speed. His bike has broken down and he has to wait for a pick-up truck.

The pick-up guy is a bit of a redneck and charges the rider to sit in his truck along with the other rally drivers who have broken down. He says that they really should buy a Yamaha. The voiceover says of you want reliability and a great bike then get a Yamaha.

Title-Someday, you'll own a Yamaha.

The ninth version is set is a scruffy, shack where an older man sits with his dog and fills his pipe. He talks about a man that went up into the hills many years ago and says that he remembers him because he had told him to buy a Yamaha. He then says that he could still show up; then he smokes on his pipe.

Title-Someday, you'll own a Yamaha.

The tenth version is set in a forest where a young man is replacing the wheel on his motorbike. A raccoon scrambles onto him and then an old man wearing a cape and animal furs appears. He tells the rider that he shouldn't get stuck in a forest like this and that if he wants to ride around there that he should get a reliable bike, a Yamaha. The man walks off saying that he would buy a Yamaha and then he calls back to the man to be careful of wolves.

Title-Someday, you'll own a Yamaha.

The eleventh version opens at a motorbike rally where lots of Yamaha riders are preparing to ride. Some of them are sitting on the ground in the arena, some of them are sitting on the bikes putting their helmets on and some of them are sleeping in chairs in shelters. There is a shot from a height looking down onto all of the riders lined up on the track, and then they are off.

There are shots of the riders racing around sharp bends, getting kissed on the check by glamorous women, spectators smiling at the camera and then one of the bikes being re-fuelled.


There are a few more brief shots of the race.

Title-Yamaha 1 Ama Champion.