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YFA 4623



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This film is part of the C.H. Wood collection and contains three similar films about a group of young men and women who ride Yamaha mopeds. There are shots of them avoiding traffic jams on their mopeds, travelling to the beach, and riding through a forest.

The film starts on a road in a busy town; there is a huge traffic jam, and the cars are beeping at one another. A driver taps his fingers impatiently on the side of the car, and there are close ups of the exhaust pipes belching smoke. A young man on a moped ride easily past all of the congestion; he takes a newspaper off a vendor as he drives by.

The camera travels along beside the moped as he rides along an open road and parks outside a building. He takes off his helmet and says hello to a woman who rides by on her moped; she has a tennis racket in her basket and is wearing tennis whites.

She rides on down the road and parks outside a bakery. The shot cuts to her riding along with the loaf of bread in her basket. She drives up to a tennis court, parks her moped beside another one and walks off.

Title-Yamaha Chappy.

The next film follows a young man riding a motorbike along a main road. He drives out into the countryside where the scene cuts to two young men in a red sports car, talking to two young women who are leaning against their car.

The motorcycle rider goes along dirt tracks, through puddles, past chickens, and down onto some rocks. There is a brief shot of the couples at the car and then back to the motorcyclist. He rides through a stream and deep into a forest, over tree roots, and then skids round and around on the spot. He continues up along a wall, across more grass and stops a short distance away from the car; the blonde girl smiles at him and goes over to him.

Title-Yamaha Ty 50

The following film begins with a shot of an older man, in a beret, sitting outside on the street looking depressed. Two Yamaha motorbikes ride past him and he looks up, smiles and shakes his head. Two men ride the bikes and a woman sits on the back of one of them.

The bikes ride along a deserted road, and the young people smile at each other. There are shots from all around the bikes and then from behind as the bikes drive away from the camera. The two bikes part ways, and the couple ride down onto the beach and come across their friend who is singing and playing the guitar to a group of other young people. There are shots of the camp fire that they have made followed by a shot of them sitting around, drinking, and singing. The final shot is an extreme close up of one of the girl's eyes.

The next section shows what happened before they arrived at the beach.

A young man rides his moped along a road and then drives up behind young woman who is walking along the path in front of him. He smacks her bottom as he drives past and then stops ahead of her; she walks over to him and they talk. She gets on the back of the moped and they drive off; he drops her to her house, and she waves.

In the next shot the young woman comes out of the gate of her house again and the young man meets her on his moped. They are both now dressed in summer clothing. They ride off along the sea side road and the scene ends at the beach with their friends.

Title-Yamaha FS1 DX