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YFA 3157



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Made by Rev. Underwood, this film documents the annual nativity play at a local school in Carleton-in-Craven, 1974.

Title - Christmas 1974 - Time for the School Play

The film opens with a shot of the stage, the set design being religious. Before the play begins, the children are waiting together in a classroom, many smiling for the camera. The play begins as the choir processes in onto the stage. Then, boys in red and white striped hats and scarves line up on stage. When a boy in a blue and white striped hat and scarf comes, they beat him up. But one of the boys from the original group helps the hurt boy up and they walk off together. After, there are more songs, and the woman accompanist on the piano can be seen. For the next scene, shields and flags from different countries around the world are set up as decoration, and children are seated around a large table full of food and drink. Outside the window, there are poor people protesting holding up signs. An angel then comes to let the poor in to share in the feast, and those sitting at the table realize the error of their ways.

The younger children of the parish get to go see Santa, and there is a Christmas party for the children complete with sweets and Christmas Crackers.

In the church, there are workers making repairs, painting, and cleaning.

The film then closes with a May Pole dance and the crowning of the Queen.

Title - The End